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  1. SeasideSilkies

    Do people look at you weird when you say you have pet chickens?

    I'm starting high school this year and I don't think I'll tell anyone about them until I get to know them better... people tend to think its "unusual" because I live at the beach in a big city and don't know anyone else around here who keeps them. My friends now always make jokes about me...
  2. SeasideSilkies

    Blue Bird Brawl! WINNERS decided! Come say congrats!

    We can enter silkies right? This is my youg blue sikie Misty. She is about 2 1/2 months I think. She runs over everytime I come in the run so I will pick her up. She likes it when I take her places... inside to watch tv with me, to go sit in the hammock, and especially to my moms vegetable...
  3. SeasideSilkies

    New addition

    Handsome boy and a little scary looking...
  4. SeasideSilkies

    I often wondered: BEFORE and AFTER

    Here's my pretty mixed baby(polish & campine?) Coconut as a chick: and as an adult:
  5. SeasideSilkies

    Look what I found... :D

    My little cousin was playing webkinz and he shows me this I have never played webkinz but I have to have one just so I can have a silkie stuffed animal. I tried knitting one but it looked like a cauliflower. I can't believe they have silkies
  6. SeasideSilkies

    Chicks gone wild!

    Those are tiny chicks!! so adorable
  7. SeasideSilkies

    Farm name help

    hahaha thank you! I enjoyed your names anyway (:
  8. SeasideSilkies

    Farm name help

    I pulled out seaside silkies Yay! I think it will be a great farm name. Thanks everyone for your opinions and suggestions. I already started making the website and its beach themed.
  9. SeasideSilkies

    Farm name help

    I like fuzz butt farms! I googled fancy feathers farm. several farms are already named that. I have 4 names: cyprus silkies, seaside silkies, rainbow ranch which my family likes, and fuzz butt farms on pieces of paper and I am just going to pull one out of a hat. I'm not very good at...
  10. SeasideSilkies

    Farm name help

    buttercup is a breed of chicken right? would buttercup bantams make it sound like I had bantamsized buttercups? Because I don't.
  11. SeasideSilkies

    Farm name help

    Thanks everyone! I think I've narowed it down to buttercup bantams, seaside silkies, & fancy feathers farm. Those were my favorites but now I know that you guys lke them to
  12. SeasideSilkies

    Farm name help

    I have been trying to think of a name for a farm because I am going to sart selling chicks and make a website. My dad keeps all kinds of pigeons and my mom has geese that stay in the lake behind our house and and I have lots of show silkies, and a few other pet bantams. I came up with a list of...
  13. SeasideSilkies

    Polka dotted chicken...

    She does look like her color is splash you could always buy the book if you can't firgure it out, I'm sure it says what breed of chicken is on the cover. Good luck, she's really pretty!
  14. SeasideSilkies

    Silkies sex? Pullet or not? Make your best guess!

    I have a sikie that looks exactly like Stella! They both look like girls.
  15. SeasideSilkies

    What kind of roo?

    He is so pretty!
  16. SeasideSilkies

    Easy coop to build?

    Thanks both! I think that type of run would definetely be easier than the usual ones. It does sound like a good idea to use something I already have. Theres an old playshed I don't use anymore... I would basically just have to build nest boxes and add ventilation and a run, and make sure its...
  17. SeasideSilkies

    mouse people are making me feel stupid **RANT**

    That sounds awful. They were telling you that mice breed mice? Sorry about that... I don't think I will be getting any mice... or talking to any mice people.
  18. SeasideSilkies

    Easy coop to build?

    hi everyone! I have a problem... I want more chickens than my coop can hold! (which I'm sure is a problem everyone here has) No one else in my family ia really a "chicken person" but my parents did help me build my first coop. I'm sure theres no way I could have built that one with out them and...
  19. SeasideSilkies

    Our new rooster.....picture

    Gorgeous! I wonder what color the parents were..?
  20. SeasideSilkies

    new babies!

    Quote: those are adorable little black silkies! I always get exited when I get new babies too
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