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  1. Sandy16

    How lonely is one chicken?

    Thanks, everyone! We think that we will try to re-home whichever one is left. There are several neighbors on our street and in our neighborhood that have flocks. That way, we could go visit too! Bringing one inside isn't really an option...we have a small house (1000 sq.ft.) and 3 dogs/2...
  2. Sandy16

    How lonely is one chicken?

    Greetings! We started raising our flock of 6 chickens back in April of 2010. We are down to only 2 girls, and we are wondering what will happen when there is only one left (we have lost 2 hens in the past 2 months, so it might happen sooner rather than later). These are strictly pets, so...
  3. Sandy16

    raising chickens in 110 F any tips?

    We've hit 104 and 106 respectively over the past two days here in Atlanta. BRUTAL! We've been giving them fresh ice water and cold treats all day. Also, I've been wetting the area under our deck where they like to hang out when it is hot (they free range during the day). We have 2 hens who...
  4. Sandy16

    Sandy16s Member Page

    CHICKS IN THE 'HOOD ...our adventure with chickens in the city... Picture it, Atlanta 2010, on a cold January day....we made the decision to get some chickens from a local organic garden center. We found out that they sell baby chicks, after raising them for the first 6 weeks. This was just...
  5. Sandy16

    New to chickens in GA

    Hello from Atlanta, GA and welcome to BYC! Welcome to the wonderful world of chickens! We have 2 Buff Orps and they are friendly and very consistent layers. Good choice!
  6. Sandy16

    Please say it isn't so.....

    I love your coop! I also love that you named 4 of your hens after the Golden Girls.
  7. Sandy16

    Today a hawk killed a chicken! Please advise on netting!

    We live in Atlanta so snow is not a worry for us. First we put a web of white string across the top and just used regular old chicken wire to lay on top of that. We read somewhere that the white nylon string could be seen by hawks and might be enough of a deterrent, but we decided to add the...
  8. Sandy16

    Are Easter Egger's poor layers?

    Our EEs are much more consistent layers than our Buff Orps or our SLWs. I would get more EEs in a heartbeat!
  9. Sandy16

    Show off your Americauna/EE eggs " PICS"

    We have 2 EEs and love them! They are the sweetest girls and very good layers! Stella (L) and Agnes (R) Here is a close-up of Stella's face.....we just love it! The light blue/green eggs come from the EEs (the brown ones are from our Buff Orps)
  10. Sandy16

    Got another one .. "dumb" question that is

    Maybe one or more of her hens was molting. When ours molt, feathers are everywhere and it looks like we should have bald chickens running around! Not sure about composting the feathers....
  11. Sandy16

    Golden Laced Wyandotte Thread!

    Just saw this post and didn't have time to read everything, but wanted to include pictures of our GLWs, Lucy and Ethel! They are beautiful girls, but the least friendly of our flock of 6. They don't like to be picked up, but will submit to us and then we can touch them. I love them anyway...
  12. Sandy16

    Still not sure about my EE's...what do you think? (Pic heavy!)

    Quote: I is one of our EE pullets....notice her "pointy" feathers? What a beautiful picture! thanks! we got very lucky with Stella
  13. Sandy16

    Still not sure about my EE's...what do you think? (Pic heavy!)

    Quote: I is one of our EE pullets....notice her "pointy" feathers?
  14. Sandy16

    Why does my Delaware scream for hours each morning?

    She must be talking to Doris and Pearl, our BOs....they scream all morning too. If you find the solution, let me know.
  15. Sandy16

    Cracked Egg

    Quote: x2
  16. Sandy16

    @#%[email protected]$! Hawks!!!!!!!!!!!

    So glad you saved your new girl!
  17. Sandy16

    We have to get rid of our chickens!

    Quote: Good Luck!!!! We are supporting you down here in GA!!
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