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  1. JFG

    4 year old buff silkie

    I have a 4 year old buff silkie. She has not laid eggs since this past May. I am in Texas so it is very hot and humid. She eats but not as much as when laying. She moves around, but not as much as she used to. She has normal white capped poop although it is usually firm and before she would...
  2. JFG

    Lice or Mites?

    Very interesting. I have had my silkie for three years and have not ever had a lice/mite issue. She has not been herself for a few weeks, eating less, no eggs, and not moving around but still looked well. I finally found straw colored bugs which I assumed were lice on her neck this past week...
  3. JFG

    Do I have mites? what to do?

    Your photo was very helpful. I found lice on my Silkie tonight. I ran out and bought some Sevin and dusted her with a pantyhose with Sevin inside the toe. I tried to cover her entire body, except the head. She lives in an Eglu. I took out the bottom trays and cleaned them with Simple Green...
  4. JFG

    Buff silkie moping?

    I checked again tonight. I just had a feeling it was mites or lice. She does not come in contact with other chieckens but we do have lots of wild birds and squirrels in the yard. I found what I think are lice.
  5. JFG

    Buff silkie moping?

    I have a 3 year old buff silkie hen. She has been a good layer (for a silkie). She laid her last eggs in July. She went into her usual broody period. When she came out of the broodiness, she molted as usual, but has not started laying again. At first I attributed this to the extremely hot...
  6. JFG

    Azatrol ; safe for chickens; anyone with experience

    Not sure this is the appropriate subject for this thread. Please redirect if needed. I have a large whitefly infestation on plants near my chicken day pen. I have one chicken, a silkie. I was told I could use a new product, Azatrol, and it would not harm the chicken. It is a botanical...
  7. JFG

    What foods will harm chickens?

    I have a 3 yo silkie and she likes to eat the bits of left over canned cat food that the cat does not finish. How much cat food is too much? She seems healthy although she tends to go broody often and then she eats very little of anything.
  8. JFG

    Fresh Spinach

    My silkie loves spinach and turns up her "nose" at lettuce.
  9. JFG

    Chicken making a funny noise.

    My silkie churrs kind of like a cat purring. I have heard this vocalization after blue jays come screeching through the yard as if a hawk could be about and also when she is dustbathing.
  10. JFG

    prevent broodiness in silkies

    Does hot weather encourage broodiness? My slikie has been laying regualry this spring. This past week summer has hit and now she seems to be going broody. Just wonderd if the heat has anything to do with it.
  11. JFG

    getting a companion for a single pet hen

    I have a single silkie hen that is about 2 years old. I have had her since last August. She lives in an Eglu in the back yard; free ranging in the yard when I am home on weekends. She has had 2 periods of broodiness;other than that laid eggs 4-5 days per week. I know chickens are socail and...
  12. JFG

    silkies and cold temps

    Thanks for the information and replies. Frances spent the night out last night and seemed fine this morning. Tonight we placed a hot water bottle in the eglu just to boost the inside temp for the night. I added more shavings and some newspaper underneath for insulation. We may need to bring...
  13. JFG

    silkies and cold temps

    I have one pet silkie chicken in an urban setting. She was living in a wire cage; allowed to free range in an urban yard when I was at home. I just received an eglu go for Christmas. I have been bringing her into the house when it is cold (in the 40's or below). Since the eglu is insulated...
  14. JFG

    possible molt

    Our silkie is two weeks recovered from a coccidia infection. We have been keeping her in a large rubbermaid tote inside and letting her out to exercise twice a day until the outside temps come down and we were sure she was totaly recovered from her illness. The silkie was fine this morning...
  15. JFG

    help; silkie with beak open

    Frances went to the vet this afternoon. She had an xray that showed her lungs are not expanding as well as should be. When she breathes it frquently sounds as a child with ashthma sounds; wheezing. She also had a large amount of fecal matter that had not passed through her system and the vet...
  16. JFG

    help; silkie with beak open

    She is inside and still gasping when I touch her neck and holding her mouth open. I can't feel any obvious wounds. Her mouth is its usual color and I don't see any stings. She can breath, but not well. It is hot and humid, but not more so than she is used to. In fact, if anything, today it...
  17. JFG

    help; silkie with beak open

    I have been acclimating a silkie to an outdoor wire cage. This morning I let her wander around the yard., She got a few earthworms, some sunflower seeds and then I put her in the cage with a grape and 3 slices of zucchinni. A bit later, I looked out the window and saw her jump like she had...
  18. JFG

    wire cage

    My daughter (enroute to grad school) brought home her buff silky chicken, Frances. Frances lived in AZ at about 5000 ft elevation and now is in SE TX where there is a lot of heat and humidity. We live in an urban area. My husband is building a wire cage for Frances. We plan to cover one end...
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