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  1. Bookworm chick

    Do this looks like an EE egg or a Bantie egg??

    Bantam. I had bantams and it looks exactly like their eggs.
  2. Bookworm chick

    Yay, all three pullets are now laying.

    Oops, somehow I posted a duplicate. Sorry. Don't know how to delete one of them.
  3. Bookworm chick

    Yay, all three pullets are now laying.

    Now I can have green eggs and ham.
  4. Bookworm chick

    Got my first blue egg on Saturday.

    My backyard flock now consists of three pullets and one cockerel. Not sure which of the gals laid it, probably Dirty Dottie. It was so pretty that I hated to eat it, but did anyway.
  5. Bookworm chick

    At what age should a 26-week old EE cockerel start acting like the

    protector of the flock? I had bantams before and the roo was mature when I got him. He called the girls to him and gave them choice tidbits, he led the girls in the coop when it was time to roost and was definitely the protector. I've switched over to standard chickens with one cockerel and...
  6. Bookworm chick

    New Chicks & Broody Hen, Help Due tomorrow!! !!

    You say Hazy is the smallest, but where is she in the pecking order? I've always let my bantam broodies raise their chicks but have found that if the broody is at the bottom of the pecking order it can be a little tougher to defend her chicks. Hazy has sort of been "absent" for the past 3 weeks...
  7. Bookworm chick

    Cleaned the coop Been a Year

    I clean mine out spring and fall with "poop management" in between. It stays dry and no odor either.
  8. Bookworm chick

    Ameraucana thread for posting pictures and discussing our birds

    Quote: OMG, those are some beautiful pictures! If I were a hen, I'd be in love with those beautiful roosters.
  9. Bookworm chick

    Easter Eggers

    Lucky you. What pretty girls.
  10. Bookworm chick

    [LIST - Over 1,000 names!] Chicken names!

    Rooster Cogburn, Dottie, Lily, Daisy, Minnie Blue, and DinDin.
  11. Bookworm chick

    My first duck egg!!

    My niece just got her first duck eggs too. One of them was also in their pool. Is this common with ducks?
  12. Bookworm chick

    small flock of mixed age birds: will layer feed harm my younger birds?

    I'd say better safe than sorry. I feed Purina Flock Raiser (for mixed flock) and have a can nailed to the inside of the coop (out of the weather) in which I put the oyster shell, free choice. The hens seem to know when to eat it. The can is high enough that the babies can't get to it easily...
  13. Bookworm chick

    chicks were fed layer feed from week 2 or week 3

    I told my niece yesterday that she should start checking for eggs in the next couple of weeks. I told her she could start feeding them layer feed after she got her first egg. She said she was already feeding them layer feed. I asked her for how long. She said since a couple of weeks after...
  14. Bookworm chick

    top hen causing chaos

    First off, no blood has been shed. I had three broodies raising chicks. The #1 broody gradually adopted the #2 broody's offspring over a period of a couple of months. The third broody (lowest in pecking order) had her chicks three weeks behind the first two. I also have a separate pullet and...
  15. Bookworm chick

    Will egg go bad in 80-90+ degree weather?

    My hens have been raising chicks and weren't back to laying yet so I haven't been checking the nest boxes regularly. This morning I am in the coop and see two eggs in one of the boxes. The last time I looked was this past weekend when I was cleaning the coop. Nothing then. The weather since...
  16. Bookworm chick

    Why does this 5 week old chick chirp so much?

    It started doing this about a week ago. It's not the softer peep-peep-peep sounds that the others make. It's more of a "calling for it's mother" sound like it was separated from her, which it's not. The only time it's not being annoying is when it's eating, drinking or sleeping. What gives...
  17. Bookworm chick

    Feeding chicks and adults together?

    I feed the Purina Flock Raiser to all of mine. I nailed an empty green bean can on the wall of the coop at a height the chicks aren't likely to reach and put the oyster shell in that (one for the grit too) since the Flock Raiser doesn't have the calcium that layer feed does. It's worked well...
  18. Bookworm chick

    I have a chick!

    Quote: Okay, hatching all done. The second broody now has one more BR cross chick. NONE of the shipped eggs hatched. We cracked them open and nothing but pinkish yolk fluid. Would we have been able to even tell if they were fertile to begin with? So disappointed, but kind of figured this...
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