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  1. morganfamily6

    wheezing chicken and not very active

    I've had my chicken for about 4 years now and since I got her from the battery farm rescue centre she was wheezing and couldn't breathe properly from the beginning. the wheezing cleared up but now has gotten a lot worse. I know that it could be from the dust but she's not been acting herself...
  2. morganfamily6

    Chicken panting, backside very swollen

    My chicken she's about 4 has recently had a very swollen bum i thought she was eggbound but i came across some sort of small eggs on her backside also whenever I pick her up she keeps on panting faster and faster plus her tummy makes a rumbling noise and she seems to be in a lot of pain. Could...
  3. morganfamily6

    Chicken very ill

    My chicken who i've had for about 4 years is not doing the activities the others are she's just drooping around and not with the rest. She's a rescue chicken and usually enjoys being with the others. She's been like this for the past 3 days and i don't know what wrong with her. She's acting very...
  4. morganfamily6

    Quails insides coming out, when going to the toilet

    i've realised that one of my quails, whenever she gets scared, her insides come out whenever she tries to go to the toilet please help !!!:fl
  5. morganfamily6

    sneezing and chest infection

    I rescued 2 new battery farm chickens and I've realised that they are both sneezing and they can't breathe through their noses as snot has layered on their noses. I've looked online and it says that they have a chest infection. Any advice? :(
  6. morganfamily6

    very ill chicken

    One of my oldest warrens has been looking very off color and today she is just sitting and not moving. I have given her worming powder in her food but still no sign of getting better. I have realised that whenever she gets to hot that she will start to pant and it looks hard to breath in her...
  7. morganfamily6

    Swollen cheek

    I have this light sussex hen and I realised that she had a massive lump on her cheek. I realised that it was there about 3 days ago but I thought that the swelling would go down. But its still there today. Any suggestions on what to do?
  8. morganfamily6

    Eggbound chicken

    About 2 weeks ago I rescued these chickens from a battery farm chicken rescue center. Now one of them is very ill and i can feel an egg is stuck also where her food stores it is very full. I've given her smashed up calcium tablets and put hot water in it so i could feed it to her. I hope that...
  9. morganfamily6

    Very weak chicken, not eating

    My 3.5 chicken is not eating nor is she very active. When ever I pick her up and put her back down on the ground she always loses balance and nearly falls. She has mites crawling all over her but I dealt with that by putting mite powder on her. Her cone has shrunk recently and its gone very red...
  10. morganfamily6

    Limping chicken with bloody cone

    My chicken which is about one year old is limping and has a very bloody cone. She was fine yesterday but then i realised that she wasn't coming for her breakfast. I went out this morning and i went up to see if she was ok but then i found her in the hedge in with a lot of blood on her neck and...
  11. morganfamily6


    im new
  12. morganfamily6

    Very pale comb, not drinking, not very active

    I just joined because my chicken which is quite old has a very pale comb and is not drinking. I've given her some crushed up and then watered down calcium tablets, some worming powder in her food and I've applied her with mite but there seems to be no difference. She has had the illness for the...
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