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  1. cwhollars

    Red burbon turkey

    I have 2 red burbon turkey's 3 months old. sell is for each.
  2. cwhollars

    silver sebright pair 1 year old

    I have a pair of 1 year old silver sebrights.
  3. cwhollars

    Black Copper and Blue Copper Marans hatching eggs

    would u like to sell some more of your eggs. i can pick them up.
  4. cwhollars

    Black Copper and Blue Copper Marans hatching eggs

    Hello if i win the auction can i just pick up the eggs i live about an hour east of you. thanks clint
  5. cwhollars

    Black Copper and Blue Copper Marans hatching eggs

    hello, is the rooster a black or blue maran? thanks clint
  6. cwhollars

    Indiana Chicken People (list)

    Hello iam looking for a tom red bourban turkey. I just lost mine, he got out and the dogs had there way with . I now have hens and no tom come spring. If any one have one for sale in the indiana area i would love to know. thanks Clint
  7. cwhollars

    wtb: red bourbon turkey tom

    Just lost my tom this morning i need a replacement. Looking for a pure red bourbon tom close to Indiana. Iam just east of indy. Thanks will travel a little to pick him up.
  8. cwhollars

    Black Copper Maran & Ameracanas CHEAP to FREE

    Hello i have been looking for ameracans chicks for a while now if you will ship to indiana i would love to have them. I dont raise the marans but a friend of mine does and if you want i can find them a good home. thanks clint
  9. cwhollars

    WTB: SILVER SEBRIGHT EGGS...Possibly Have a few Silkies eggs to trade

    Hello i have silver sebrights, 4 hens and 2 roos all from different lines. They are not laying right now due to the weather here in Indiana. Put if you would like to keep my number and e mail address they will be laying fertial eggs this spring. Thanks Clint Hollars 317 936 5374 e mail...
  10. cwhollars

    wtb:: 17 week old pullets IN

    looking for 17 week or older pullets, barred rock, road island red or sex link.
  11. cwhollars

    Ameraucana thread for posting pictures and discussing our birds

    hello iam looking for some ameracana's to buy. i raise barred rocks but the older man would love for me to get him some colored eggs so iam tryingto get a few hens to please him if any one has eggs or birds for sale please let me know. thannks clint Indiana, carthage
  12. cwhollars

    wtb::::ameracana chickens

    wtb,, ameracana hens and rooster. i live in indana, carthage
  13. cwhollars

    Ohio National- Wanted/Bringing

    where can i find info on the times and address on the show will be my first time going and dont know anything about the event. thanks
  14. cwhollars

    How many turkeys do we have?

    369+6=375 Red Bourbon
  15. cwhollars

    Located...Please close

    Hello , i have 7 newly born chicks seabrights. dont know what the sex is yet. 3 are 30 days old and 4 are 1 week old. my zip is 46115 carthage In. thanks clint
  16. cwhollars

    7+ Guineas (2 weeks old)

    what part of indiana are u in, iam in carthage.
  17. cwhollars

    Blue slate turkeys..

    great only about 2 hours away. can you send me a few pics of them please. so i might be able to sex them should be able to tell the tom by now. thanks clint
  18. cwhollars

    fs golden seabright in indiana 46115

    i will ship eggs to you but never shipped live birds before. i will have to look into that.
  19. cwhollars

    Blue slate turkeys..

    hello are they pure blue slate and where at in ky do you live?
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