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  1. kittymuffy

    Canning dried beans (pressure cooker)

    Thanks much! We are about 20 miles south of lake superior and there is 8-10 inches of heavy wet snow out there, the evergreen trees look like they have been mummy wrapped, what about your area in MI?
  2. kittymuffy

    Canning dried beans (pressure cooker)

    Has anyone tried this? I canned black beans using a recipe found on the web. Pressured for 70 minutes, beans were soft and could not get the bottom half out of the jar, not enough liquid. I have been canning pint jars of baked beans since 1976 and would like to have my own kidney, black...
  3. kittymuffy

    Crafters- What are you making???

    I am making shopping bags out of chicken feed and sunflower seed bags, (not the plain white). look at your bags and see the possibilities. I just cut the bag to size, top and bottom, hem the top, sew bottom together, square the bottom, and make handles out of what i cut off. Make sure you sew...
  4. kittymuffy

    Crafters- What are you making???

    Just finished a quilt called 'Nickel Bricks", gift for my nephew in honor is his eagle scout accomplishment. Even found eagle scout fabric for the backing, also been making sewing small over the shoulder bags, pattern is B and B bags and it's great. There is a pattern called the book pillow...
  5. kittymuffy

    Broody Buff orp

    Hi, we survived the winter with 6 buffs, about 10 months old now). We covered the top of the run and put old windows on the sides so they were able to spend lots of time outside. But in the last two weeks we have a broody hen who is insistent on sitting in one of the next boxes, of course, it's...
  6. kittymuffy

    Must hens be 'cooped' up all winter?

    Help! We have 6 buff orps, 22 weeks old, first two eggs this week, one Tuesday and one Wed, nothing yet today. My hens love to be outside in their run, neighbors says the MUST not be out in temps under 40 or they will not lay, is that true? The problem I see is that with the hen door open the...
  7. kittymuffy

    Sleeping in next boxes

    6 buff orps, 22 weeks of age, 2 next boxes, and three of them are night time roosting in them (one box is bigger than the other so two have squeezed in). Will they become territorial of the boxes and not let anyone else use them to lay? That is IF they ever start laying. Have the fake eggs...
  8. kittymuffy

    Speckledhen's Ten Commandments of Good Flock Management

    New to raising chickens, Buff Orps 4 months old, how do you tell if they have lice or mites? How do they get them? Thanks!
  9. kittymuffy

    "pecking order"

    I have 6 buffs, 16 weeks old, had the usual occasional pecking order issues but now they seem to be puffing up and pecking each other very often, one will go up to another and peck at them for no reason. They are in the outside run during daylight hours, seem to like to be out rain or shine, any...
  10. kittymuffy

    How clean does the water have to be? Give it to me straight!

    My water container (galvinized with cover) is sitting on a tire rim, keeps shavings etc where they belong. In the outside run we have hung an old wall hanging parts bin, it's up about 12 inches, gets dirty but they don't walk or poo in it, easily removed for cleaning.
  11. kittymuffy

    Shavings/yellow frothy poop

    typo, baby orps are 10 days old
  12. kittymuffy

    Shavings/yellow frothy poop

    6 buff orps, 19 days old, used paper towels as bedding for 4 days, added shavings 3 days ago, tried earlier but they went crazy with the stuff, now yellow kind of frothy poop, reminds me of foam insulation, could this been worms too? Using birch/pine shavings, I think my neighbor used the same...
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