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    Lady of the Farm in Style

    Quote: Doing outside farm chores in pajamas and an apron.. RRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLL! :0) I dig when DW goes out to do something in her muck boots and flannel gown.
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    Like or Dislike?

    Love Tater tot casserole
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    How do you train a dog to not hurt the chickens?

    Our blue heeler/husky was caught in the coop using a chicken as a squeak toy right after we brought him home; we had a small-stern talk (read as I reinforced who's top dog) and I impressed upon him that he is not welcome in the coop and the chickens are not toys. I have to occasionally give a...
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    The five letters game!

    A rash is extremely laborious. K I S W P
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    How Do I Finish The Roof?

    I capped mine (about 8" gap) with plywood on the inside of the run to cut down on the drafts. My rafters face west and the wind predominately comes from that direction; it was creating a swirling effect something fierce in my run. It also helps keep the unwanted, although I'm not sure how they...
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    Just curious who else is living super frugal

    Quote: I totally forgot about that, but I use Freecycle too and have met some really nice folks. And it feels nice to be able to help someone else as well. ED: OH!!! And another great place to get wood is around a college at the end of the semester... the dumpsters are like goldmines for...
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    Coffee's ready...

    Quote: Do you have a favorite recipe?
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    Just curious who else is living super frugal

    We just refinanced our house at 3%, so we're going to save a ton of money with that and a 30 year. We also buy used as much as possible, but sometimes it's more effort to track something down used to save a couple bucks. I'm always scrounging what people will toss away if I think it can be of...
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    Alohas from Hawaii!!

    Welcome! I was just in Waikiki and at the north shore a few months ago; it was hard to leave the sun, warmth, and salty waters behind. Although it was kind of good to leave since my chest took a beating learning to longboard; now I know why surfers don't have hairy chests.
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    Keep a word, drop a word!

    light saber
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    letting the chickens out in the winter

    Quote: Very well said; my sentiments exactly.
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    what does lockdown mean exactly when incubating eggs

    ED: It means to keep hands-off until they hatch.
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    Keep a word, drop a word!

    meat pudding
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    freecycle ad

    *chuckle*... Grammar, how does it work?
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    Night watch-DOG?

    Quote: I have blue heeler/husky mix that patrols (or herds) around our birds. We had two minor incidents regarding birds being chew toys. I caught Bitzer in the coop one day and we had a come-to-Jesus talk... now they're all friends.
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    The 2nd Ban the person above you!

    I ban you for spelling St. Maarten's incorrectly. ED: BAH!? That was supposed to be for ray's two cents.
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    What's out there at night

    Sweet pics! I need to sell off a couple things and then I can get my game camera.. can't wait!!! ED: What type of camera do you have?
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    Tell me the truth! Tell me the truth on 4/03 tell me the truth

    Shows like that are the bane of our society. And no.
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    freezer time for some roos, which goes and which stays?

    Quote: Wow.. and I thought our Barred Rock ratio was goofy. We got 12 BR and only 1 was supposed to be a rooster, but we ended up with 3 roosters. (I don't count my worthless Phoenix since he doesn't do much for the flock except harass the ladies and eat the food.)
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