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  1. bantam0907

    the +*OFFICIAL*+ German Shepherd thread :D

    My baby is a black and sable shepherd named Osa we also just adopted a rott/shepherd mix named Bear. ill post more pictures when my compuer isnt being dumb! Bear (10 weeks) Rott/Shepherd mix Osa (7 months)
  2. bantam0907

    Whats YOUR Dog's Name?

    Osa (9 Months) Bear (11 weeks) I have a black and sable German shepherd (female) named Osa, it means black bear. And we just rescued a Rott/Shepherd Mix named Bear <3
  3. bantam0907

    Langshan Thread!!!

    im in Indiana right now but im moving to southern Ohio in june :)
  4. bantam0907

    Langshan Thread!!!

    lol i already love him! Im in the process of moving and getting married but after that girlfriends for Cletus are at the top of my list :)
  5. bantam0907

    Part Time Parent

    Things have ben pretty hectic around the house with soccor and baseball starting but the boys are still onnery as ever!
  6. bantam0907

    Langshan Thread!!!

    Well i normally raise silkies but i got the Langshan fever! I got my first roo this weekend, i think hes beautiful but of course im partial ;) let me know what you guys think! Cletus- 2 yr old pure black croad langshan roo comes from Joe Ockleys stock out of northen Ohio
  7. bantam0907

    First Time Hatcher Question!

    ok i tried a different klight but still couldnt see any veins? but the air cell is getting alot bigger???
  8. bantam0907

    Black Langshans

    I normally only show silkies but i just bought my first black langshan roo this weekend! I think hes gorgeous but im partial let me know what you guys think! Cletus- 2 yr old roo pure langshan comes from Joe Ockleys stock out of northern Ohio
  9. bantam0907

    First Time Hatcher Question!

    thanks thats what i thought too... maybe my light isnt bright enough? ill try a different one when i get home! I hope i get at least one chick!
  10. bantam0907

    First Time Hatcher Question!

    I have a silkie hen who is setting on 6 eggs and she has been sitting from approximatly April 8. I candelled the eggs last night and i was hoping someone could tell me if the were fertilized. I can see a shadow in the eggs but i thought that was just the yolk but then some of the eggs didnt have...
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