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  1. Kjf18

    Coop Q

    We built ours 30" off the ground for two reasons: 1. It puts the floor roughly at waist height, making cleaning easier. 2. We have limited space for the coop and run. The space under the coop became part of our run. KJF
  2. Kjf18

    The Best all around reliable Automatic Chicken Door (Sunrise or Specific time)

    We have had ours for 4 or 5 months, so no personal experience with cold temps. Ours opens into a covered run, so it will be protected from any buildup of snow or ice. The manufacturer suggests building a bit of shelter or awning over the door if it is exposed to ice and snow. KJF
  3. Kjf18

    The Best all around reliable Automatic Chicken Door (Sunrise or Specific time)

    The Pullet Shut door can be programmed to work either way. We love ours. I highly recommend them. KJF
  4. Kjf18

    Automatic doors

    The light sensor on the Pullet Shut door is programmed to close the door only when it has been quite dark for a period of time. (I have seen, but don't remember, the exact specs.) This prevents the door being closed when a dark cloud passes over. I have never had a problem with mine. Honestly...
  5. Kjf18

    Automatic doors

    There are two primary types -- guillotine-style doors that slide up and down, and doors that swing out. We have a Pullet Shut door, which swings open like a traditional door, and really like it. There have been several very helpful threads regarding both types over the past few weeks, with...
  6. Kjf18

    la maison des poulets

    Great looking coop. Really nice job. KJF
  7. Kjf18

    My coop: Casita de las Gallinas

    Great looking coop. I'm very impressed. You obviously gave it a lot of thought and care. How many chickens? KJF
  8. Kjf18

    Automation is key for me...

    Great setup. Automation was key for us, as well. KJF
  9. Kjf18

    any suggestions

    Looks great! I can't tell for certain what you have used for the lower couple of feet of the run. Remember that chicken wire (even doubled up) is not very predator proof. KJF
  10. Kjf18

    Problems with sand in the run

    I put down 18" of gravel, topped by a layer of wire mesh and then a layer of landscape fabric. I topped it all off with 6" to 8" of sand. I have not had any problem with our hens getting into the landscape fabric. So far, I am really happy with the sand. KJF
  11. Kjf18

    Garden Coop and Automatic Doors

    We have a Pullet Shut door and are very happy with it. There have been several threads recently about this topic, and Pullet Shur doors in particular, that you should be able to find with a search. KJF
  12. Kjf18

    Anyone have a rooster/hen weathervane on their coop - pics?

    We had a hard time finding a weathervane that was the right size for a small (4x8) coop. In the end, we bought a Good Directions garden-size copper weathervane. It is 10" long by 11" high, and came with a roof mount and pole. It's available on a number of internet sites for about $125. Here are...
  13. Kjf18

    Where to Buy Teflon Coated Wire Mesh Fencing

    I used 1" vinyl coated welded wire on my run. I ordered it over the Internet from a place called KJF
  14. Julies Hen House

    Julies Hen House

    Early this spring, my DW said several of her friends had gotten into raising backyard chickens, and she wanted to get some. Then, about three months ago we went to IFA (Intermountain Farmers Association) to get bird food. They had chicks. Within a week, we had chicks. I bought...
  15. Kjf18

    automatic door for chickens,advise needed

    Given the design of the frame and the tight tolerances, I don't think a predator could get ahold of it. KJF
  16. Kjf18

    Sand in the Run?

    We have sand in our run, and so far really like it. You do need good drainage to keep it dry. Our soil doesn't drain well, so I first put 18 inches of gravel under the sand. KJF
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