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  1. Bebe Brett

    Bebe Bretts Member Page

    To all the fine poultry lovers who have responded to my questions since I started coming to this website,thank you. I loved raising and caring for my eight RRRs. They certainly rewarded me well with eggs and interest. I was in a car accident and found that caring for them properly was too much...
  2. Bebe Brett

    Molting question...

    My RIR hens are 10 months old and laying mostly an egg a day. They get artificial light from about 5am. They have feathers out in places, but I can't be sure if it is molting or that they are pecking each other. Are they likely to be molting when they are in full lay?
  3. Bebe Brett


    My 8 RIRs are now laying 6 to 8 eggs daily. They are jumbo size, but instead of being just brown they have brown speckles on some. Could the speckles be blood? Is there something wrong? They have a heat lamp hat goes on about 2am to increase production but perhaps I am pushing them too hard?
  4. Bebe Brett

    Soft egg

    My hens have been laying since Oct 23rd, today I picked up the hen that is so often by herself, and she was light compared to the others. I wonder if she is the softshell layer? I thought that she was just a loner, but maybe not. If I bring her in the house to fatten her up, will she be accepted...
  5. Bebe Brett

    Soft egg

    My eight RRRs are laying eight eggs almost every day. I am so proud of them. BUT one of them is laying a very softshelled egg. I guess it's the same one. The shell is brittle. How can this be? they are all fed the same, none of them seems to be abused or anything.
  6. Bebe Brett

    We lost another chicken UPDATE: EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL

    It must be so sad when you find a dead bird. No matter how they died, I am so sorry. Something killed one of my last lot of hens, there was blood and feathers all over the place, and I felt so guilty that I had not protected properly. This lot are guarded like the crown jewels!
  7. Bebe Brett

    Dominant hen

    My RRRs are close to laying now. Their combs and wattles are reddening up. I understand that when there are only hens, that one will become dominant and not lay. How do I prevent this happening? Does this always happen?
  8. Bebe Brett

    How many chickens do we all have? 60,083 and counting.

    14,920+8 beautiful RIRs =14,928 All the best people love chickens!
  9. Bebe Brett

    My smart girl!

    There was no light in the hen house, because it doesn't come on until 4.30am, but what she could see while I was away was the glow of the computer screen, and that was the closest she could get. Later, when I was at the computer, she came to the open window. I was alone in the house at the time...
  10. Bebe Brett

    My smart girl!

    I came home after sundown and went out to close the hen house trapdoor. On opening the door, I found one of my girls on the windowsill. She had flown out of the run! I guess she was looking toi see why I had not done my job. I picked her up and took her in to the henhouse, carefully placing her...
  11. Bebe Brett

    Boiled Soybeans work to keep Hens laying come Fall?

    I keep my hens laying by lengthening the daylight with a light on a timer. I was told that hens need 14 hours of light in order to keep laying. It seemed to work for me.
  12. Bebe Brett

    Help me pick out my new batch of chickens

    If you buy that many every year-----how many do you have altogether? Are they allowed to live to a ripe old age?
  13. Bebe Brett

    **2009 Quilt Block Swap for August**

    I love the idea! Have made 9 quilts, one for each of my grandchildren. I am just an amateur though. I missed August, sign me up for Sept. Do I mail block to you? Or do I get an address of someone else?:I am Bebe Brett 103 St Paul St, Lindsay, On, K9V-1S7
  14. Bebe Brett

    Vegetarian Chickens?

    You are all so knowledgable and well informed that you scare a small animal lover like me! My hens eat everything I give them, but are wary of new items. One is braver than the rest, and once she starts eating they all try to get at the treats at once. I cook kitchen scraps and add growing...
  15. Bebe Brett


    My last girls were hatched May 15 2003, the first egg arrived Oct 15. It was like a marble, I got two like that, then all were normal. Boy! Those hens could lay! In no time they were jumbo size.
  16. Bebe Brett

    Anyone else have 2 month old chicks? pic

    Yes, mine were hatched May 27. RIRs, they are so neat looking, and don't mind being handled. They roost at night. I'd send a pic but I don't know how.
  17. Bebe Brett


    My eight RIRs are now two months, doing well, healthy and smart. One little girl is always on her own. When the others are in, she is out, when they are out,she is in. They don't bother her or peck at her, and occasionaly she goes in with the flock, but mostly not. Is this normal for some birds?
  18. Bebe Brett

    Chicken Names?

    I am amazed at how you hen lovers can tell them apart!! I have 8 RIRs, but I can only identify 2, Blackie with a black beak, and Blondie, lighter than the rest. How much time do you spend watching them?
  19. Bebe Brett

    Not vaccinated, not medicated -does this mean not safe?

    I looked up the McMurray Hatchery, but nothing to show where it is. I live in Central Ontario.
  20. Bebe Brett

    Not vaccinated, not medicated -does this mean not safe?

    My girls were hatched May 27th. Because they are so few, they are still on their first bag of chick starter, it is going faster each day. Can I add other food? Like food scraps?
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