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  1. KandJsmama

    What did my chicken die of?

    So sorry for your loss. I wish I knew more so I could help.
  2. KandJsmama

    Certain foods toxic to chickens??

    Noodlelympics? Is that like grape football?
  3. KandJsmama

    Did BYC get hacked?

    I got the warning too and didn't continue but when I returned I had no problem.
  4. KandJsmama

    Missing feather's from back at base of tail! Bareback chickens?!?!?!

    Could something have scared them? When mine got out front and chased by the neighbors dog they dropped a lot of feathers around the tail area. They had little bald butts
  5. KandJsmama

    Pretty hen, but what kind of hen??

    I said usually! All Easter Eggers are mutts but not all mutts are Easter Eggers. I only posted because I have never seen one that didn't and even the Easter Egger Club of America states that they usually have pea combs.
  6. KandJsmama

    Pretty hen, but what kind of hen??

    They usually have pea combs.
  7. KandJsmama

    Pretty hen, but what kind of hen??

    Wrong type of comb for an EE, that's what I thought at first too. Sure is pretty.
  8. KandJsmama

    Insurance company cancelling us!

    Maybe the chickens were playing with matches when the inspector came by... But seriously, USAA was wonderful when we had them. We switched to Liberty Mutual because my husband gets a generous discount through his employer but we had USAA for 10 years and they were great to do business with.
  9. KandJsmama

    Defective chicken

    Thanks everyone. I am going to stop worrying about then. I knew asking some chicken veterans would clear this up.
  10. KandJsmama

    Defective chicken

    We have searched and one hasn't turned up yet. She has had hidden nests twice before so if she does have one, she had outsmarted us with it.
  11. KandJsmama

    Defective chicken

    Thanks. She doesn't seem to be losing any feathers so I am not sure if it is molting yet. Of course I have never seen a chicken go through molt so maybe she is pre-molt and I don't recognize it. I am relieved to know that they take breaks from time to time. I was really starting to worry that...
  12. KandJsmama

    Defective chicken

    So my 13 month old EE hen has decided she will not be laying eggs anymore. Since she started, she has consistently laid eggs every other day and sometimes everyday. It has now been 10 days since I have seen an egg from her and she seems to be perfectly healthy otherwise. She is eating regularly...
  13. KandJsmama

    Black Widow in the Chicken Coop!

    Actually ours keep rebuilding in the same spot. After a year of doing this our population of them went down significantly.
  14. KandJsmama

    Black Widow in the Chicken Coop!

    Take a broom and destroy the web. Do this everyday and it will starve her to death. This is how we control them around here
  15. KandJsmama

    Where and how do I store the crickets?

    We do a Rubbermaid container too with holes drilled in the lid and feed them the gel cube food things. Warning, they stink after a few days
  16. KandJsmama


    Although this is not a news flash for some parts of the state, this is a big deal here: A golden eagle was stalking my chickens today...A GOLDEN EAGLE in Las Vegas! We scared it off and everyone is fine but whoa....
  17. KandJsmama

    hen dead, extrememly bloated

    Not that I have anything valuable to offer, but we found one the same way during the extreme heat we had a few weeks ago. I went to open the coop in the morning and she was in the nest box with a bluish comb and very bloated and heavy. She had laid an egg the day before she died and seemed very...
  18. KandJsmama

    My chickens hate to be held or touched- what did we do wrong?

    How old are they? Mine were much friendlier once they started laying. My newest batch are terribly flighty but they are only 16 weeks so I am hoping that will change soon.
  19. KandJsmama


    I do, they love them.
  20. KandJsmama


    Lost my first girl today. Found her in the nest box when I opened the coop this morning. Not sure if it was from the heat or a laying issue.
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