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  1. julied

    Most Beautiful Rooster Contest!!!

    Here's our "Rupert". Rhode Island Red. 11 months old.
  2. julied

    Types of Diatomaceous Earth (garden in particular)

    We get our DE from earthworks too. order it online in 50# bags. wonderful product. reduces moisture, odor and insects.
  3. julied

    Murray McMurray Parents to new babies

    We purchased our first chickens (RIR's) from MM last July. One of the girls became broody and 3 weeks ago she gave us 8 little ones. We are very happy with the chickens we purchased from MM.
  4. julied

    Another way to use up some eggs...Bread Pudding

    Sounds like a wonderful recipe. Hit the ol' print button on that one. Will give it a try. Thanks!!!!!!!
  5. julied

    Boiled eggs don't peel easy

    Thanks for the info. I've been battling with my fresh eggs to peel them without saying a few choice words and decided to get some advice. So I came to good ol' Backyard Chickens (did a search) and my problem is solved. This website sure can be helpful. Thanks again. Now I can make deviled...
  6. julied

    Growth below vent - any ideas? *Graphic pics included*

    Would be real interested in info on this. We have a RRI 7 1/2 months old and she just developed this problem a couple days ago. Same as yours in the pic. Eats/drinks well, runs with the flock, just has a real droopy bum. Soft when felt. Will keep an eye on this topic.
  7. julied


    Thanks for the responses. I did look into sewing my own (found the one mentioned above and a couple others) and might give it a try. Not too handy at sewing, but its worth a shot. I'll check into lovmychix also. Appreciate the help. SPRING is in the air
  8. julied


    Looking for someone here at BYC that may be selling saddles. 2mnypets doesn't seem to be doing so anymore and i would like to support someone from this sight if possible. Really appreciate all the info here and again, would like to help support someone here. thanks. p.s. i have rhode island...
  9. julied

    I just bought a butternut squash - what do I do with it?

    All your recipes and suggestions sound great. Where i live there seems to be an over abundance of squash and i have folks giving it to me by the box load. I've discovered my RRI's love squash. I shredd the zuccini (raw) and microwave the butternut for them. Simple recipe for chicken treats
  10. julied

    Post PICS of your GLORIOUS ROOSTERS here!!! All breeds welcome!

    Here's a pic of our RIR rooster. "Rupert". He's about 10 weeks old in this pic. Rupert is just now (at 12 weeks) practicing on his crowing. Hubby heard him this morning "trying" alone in the coup while his girls (24) were out roaming about. LOL Can't wait to hear him really cut loose with...
  11. julied

    How do you keep your eggs from freezing in the winter?

    Thankyou all for posting your thoughts. I guess i will put that worry out of my mind. Can i eat a frozen egg just peel it like hard boiled egg and scramble it?
  12. julied

    How do you keep your eggs from freezing in the winter?

    I live in michigan and it freezes up here in winter. How does one go about keeping the eggs from freezing when you have to work all day and cant collect them till you get homein eve. hope this isnt a dumb question. Do ya'll put some kind of heat pad under the nest box?
  13. julied

    How many chickens do we all have? 60,083 and counting.

    14160 + 25 Rhode Island Reds = 14185
  14. julied

    New member from Michigan

    Thanks for all the "welcomes". Chicks are doing great and growing like crazy. They are the cutiest "fuzzy butts" and so much fun. Wing feathers showing and little tail feathers too. Will continue to read this site for advice and information. Thanks again.
  15. julied

    New member from Michigan

    Hello to all. A week ago today we got our first chicks. Rhode Island Reds. We've been reading this website and all of you have given us great insite on raising our chickens. Thank you. Look forward to raising healthy/happy birds.
  16. julied

    lethargic 7-day old chick

    we just received our new chicks (25 rhode island reds). 7 days old today. all look really well except for one. she seems to be thinner and lethargic. wing feathers are developing, but she just doesn't seem to be nearly as active (sleeps alot) as all the others. she will take water but we...
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