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  1. marc81

    Lavender Orpington Hatching Eggs

    do you have any lavender orpington hatching eggs available?
  2. marc81

    orpington with bent neck

    Hi all I have a n orpington chick that was in the egg a little to long today. So I helped it out but it has a kinked neck from bieng in the egg so long will it grow out of this in a few days?
  3. marc81

    Broody buff orpington

    Thanks for the help everyone,when I get the fertile eggs do I just take her off the nest and replace the duds with the fertile ones and then put her back on?
  4. marc81

    Broody buff orpington

    I have had a buff orpington hen go broody and has been on eggs for over a week now, but they are not fertile. I was wondering if I put some fertile eggs under her next week when I got them if you think that she would hatch them out? never had orpingtons before dont know what to expect.
  5. marc81

    12+ Lavender Ameraucana Bantam eggs. (100% lavender - no split)

    Are you going to offer these again? full until the end of april right now:(could I buy some LF lavenders from you?
  6. marc81

    A new way to ship....

    I think that is a good idea,I think usins the bubble wrap method dose more harm than good just my opinion:D
  7. marc81

    I saw this coop online

    Very cool I like it:D
  8. marc81

    Oh No! Only one shippment arrived today.

    They should be fine I let mine set pointy end down over night.and set them the next morning
  9. marc81

    could this be my problem

    Very well put
  10. marc81

    Will she adopt the chicks?

    I dont see why she wouldn't take care of them;)
  11. marc81

    My first attempt at building a bator

    Very cool is there enough room to put a turner in there still?
  12. marc81

    Refrigerated eggs...**Update pic (graphic) page 5**

    I will have to remember that when it comes time to store a few the fridge between 45 and 55 degrees. I love it learn new stuff every day:woot
  13. marc81


    Hi,and another from UT
  14. marc81

    Digital VS old school

    Thanks for the input on the topic just wondered what experiences others have had with them:lol:
  15. marc81

    Digital VS old school

    I bought a zilla digital thermometer for my incubator but it is reading about 4.5 degrees cooler than the old school miller that the machine came with and it has never let me down and is right at 100 the digital thermometer didn't have any kinds of instructions,but to put the batteries in it...
  16. marc81

    Wanted TRUE Ameraucana Eggs/chicks for Spring 2010

    Yea some good True EE's I will be looking for some a little later
  17. marc81

    Thanksgiving Hatch- Anyone want to join in?

    I might have to join in on this one to:pop
  18. marc81

    My first hatch with bargain's eggs - PICS ON PAGE 3

    Congrats on the new babies.If you put some cornstarch on the baby that is bleeding it will help it clot and you wont have to worry about it as much.Flour and baking soda also works.
  19. marc81

    WTB frizzle cochin bantam hatching eggs

    Hi I am looking for some frizzle cochin bantam eggs from good quality stock.any and all colors! let me know what you might have avail.
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