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  1. chick-a-dee-dee

    Help please!!!

    Thanks, I never even thought about rats!!
  2. chick-a-dee-dee

    Hello from Oklahoma!!

    Hi everyone!! I'm from Oklahoma, have 5 children and 4 grandchildren! Love all kinds of animals!! New to being a member but not to the web sight! I think my favorite chickens are the Buckeyes and Blue Orpingtons! Love the big breeds!! Looking forward on getting my new birds soon, Black Jersey...
  3. chick-a-dee-dee

    Help please!!!

    We have had chickens on and off for years and decided to get some more this year. We have started to hatch out our own. We have been doing really well with them all except for the last week. One of our pen that have 15 - 6 week old chicks in it we noticed that they were losing their tail...
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