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  1. stcroixusvi

    Swollen eye (photo)

    I am using an antibiotic in the water and giving it to her in an eye dropper. There is no change. The black line is gone. She does seem to be able to see better out of that eye but it's still very swollen. She has no other symptoms - no discharge, odor, sneezing, nothing - just the swollen eye...
  2. stcroixusvi

    Swollen eye (photo)

    There is no drainage or discharge. I can't see a scratch specifically, but there is a black line that might be a scratch. She is one of 6 hens I introduced to our flock about a month ago. I got them from a very reputable breeder. I'll continue treating as though it is a scratch. She is isolated...
  3. stcroixusvi

    Swollen eye (photo)

    Anyone know what this is?
  4. stcroixusvi

    Swollen eye (photo)

    Hello, One of our new pullets (a cream legbar) developed a swollen eye. It's hard to diagnose. Any ideas? We isolated her and started an antibiotic. Thanks, Anne
  5. stcroixusvi

    Golden Sex Link - Pullet or Cockerel? *UPDATED 4/28/14 - PLEASE RING IN*

    We had no indication of temperament early on but my gut says it was the absence of another rooster. When we had 4 roosters, one of them, Andy, was a sweetheart. He never tried to flog. We kept him separate from the others while we build another coop. When we put him in the new coop with 2 hens...
  6. stcroixusvi

    Golden Sex Link - Pullet or Cockerel? *UPDATED 4/28/14 - PLEASE RING IN*

    We've had mean roosters and now we have a very sweet one. All were raised pretty much the same, so in our case, it is not in how much they were handled. I gave the mean ones away. Our current rooster has never even tried to be aggressive to a human.
  7. stcroixusvi

    New MOM! Need some help!

    Our Silkie, Suzie, has had several attempts to hatch chicks, which we've indulged, not really thinking she'd be successful...she is not really a favorite of our 1 rooster (20 hens). But look! So meanwhile, what do we do? She shares this smaller coop with 3 other hens. Do I put some water in...
  8. stcroixusvi

    broody silkie, 2 eggs, day 25

    Thanks! I did see something dark the other day, but no movement. She is so dedicated. I will give her another couple of days.
  9. stcroixusvi

    broody silkie, 2 eggs, day 25

    We put 6 eggs under our broody silkie - gradually she pushed 4 out, and kept 2. We carefully moved her inside the garage on day 18 because we had a cold spell - she is still sitting. I tried candling but am not good at seeing anything but the air sack, and don't want to disturb the eggs any...
  10. stcroixusvi

    Prolapsed Uterus

    I wonder if there is another egg up there? You might want to investigate - as hard as that sounds. Ours laid an egg after one broke and we had to make sure all the egg came out. Keeping her in the dark is imperative so that she has some time to heal.
  11. stcroixusvi

    Is this Polish chick a cockerel?

    The wild hair comes later. These are two of my polish chickens. The one on the RIGHT is a hen, LEFT is a roo! They are 3 months old in this picture.
  12. stcroixusvi

    Golden Laced Polish, Pullet or Roo??

    x3 no waddles, no saddle feathers, all good.
  13. stcroixusvi

    Golden Polish hen or roo?

    In the first picture it looks as though the saddle feathers (along the backside of the bird) clearly belong to a roo. Sorry. Pretty bird, tho.
  14. stcroixusvi

    Not sure if my one hen has bumblefoot, please help.

    Here's a great description of the surgery...
  15. stcroixusvi

    Help! Prolapsed vent wont go back in AGAIN!

    No, it's probably poop. We used a spray bottle with warm water to clean up Allison while she was confined. And, against the better judgement of this forum, we did use a spray anesthetic. I'm told it's poisonous for the birds, but I figured I'd help alleviate some of the pain anyway. She did...
  16. stcroixusvi

    Help! Prolapsed vent wont go back in AGAIN!

    I am happy to report she is doing fine and laying an egg a day! We do have her in a separate coop with a coop-mate. She never went outside - guess she was bottom of the pecking order - and the calcium was outside - so now she has complete access to all the calcium she can eat. I was told...
  17. stcroixusvi

    Comment by 'stcroixusvi' in article 'Log Cabin Coop'

    I will also add that your hens will LOVE the space under the coop, especially when it rains. Our chickens rarely go inside except to lay eggs because they have that great covered outdoor space like yours. Nicely done!
  18. stcroixusvi

    Comment by 'stcroixusvi' in article 'Log Cabin Coop'

    Beautiful! I will add that the slope in the run will create a problem once the ground cover is eaten by the chickens. You might want to invest in some terracing timbers, or landscaping timbers to prevent the soil from washing away.
  19. stcroixusvi

    Please Help My Chicken With Prolapse

    Ours lost the prolapse and she is now fine. She lays an egg a day, after prolapsing twice. I posted the pic of her earlier in this thread. She has been fine since last December. We give all of our chickens access to calcium 24/7 so they always have it when they need it. We think Allison was...
  20. stcroixusvi

    First Egg Countdown

    I am back at this thread with our February chicks - 2 that were hens - and now waiting for the first egg - 23 weeks and counting. We have one black copper marans and one silkie. No egg yet
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