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  1. cassandralee

    New Silkie pullet or cockerel?

    Just watch its cheeks though, if it becomes larger in its cheeks its a Roo, more blue and larger, from my experience. Thats the only thing that bothers me about it for sure being a pullet..
  2. cassandralee

    bully the hen and new babies

    Ya I agree with rachlore. You know when adding chicks to the flock of any age, if something serious is going to happen its usually within the first introduction, or first hours of intro. Pecking order can be rough! Or put them in a pet carrier inside the coop or run if you can and let them get...
  3. cassandralee

    Boys VS Girls

  4. cassandralee

    New Silkie pullet or cockerel?

    Looks like a Pullet too!! :) At least to me it does :)
  5. cassandralee

    Sebright Thread- Pictures and Discussion

    I ended up with two seabrights in my flock after purchasing chicks from a feed store a year ago. One ended up a Roo, and the other a Hen. I've had them for 1 year or more, and they are my favorite chickens out of my little flock. My Roo is so full of it, he hates brown boots and shoes, glittery...
  6. mr bigg

    mr bigg

  7. Chicken in the window

    Chicken in the window

  8. Mrs. Little wondering why HES in the nest box.....

    Mrs. Little wondering why HES in the nest box.....

  9. Mr. Bigg in the nest box

    Mr. Bigg in the nest box

  10. cassandralee

    merging my two flocks help!

    This is VERY irritating! I ran into a problem myself when my orange hen, Rapunzel didn't like the black chicks she hatched out! They didn't have orange on them or look like the first two chicks.. I have no idea why really, but she started to peck them till they bled, so I removed them and...
  11. cassandralee

    Mereks Disease and Vaccinations. Helpful comments about Mereks would be appreciated!

    I do not sell eggs or go to shows either! I love my chickens, they are my babies and I just adore them. So far the only thing I've found is that Mereks is only preventable after vaccinating after hatching, but its NOT a SURE 100% thing! and then they just carry the disease, but it doesn't...
  12. cassandralee

    ***Best BYC Show Pose Contest - Ends June 20th*** Enter To Win! Even More Placings To Place *WINNERS

    Wow it looks like noone has replied to this post! Well why not lol! Name: Mr. Bigg Age: 1 year or so old Breed(s): Golden Seabright How'd You Wound Up With this chicken(s): Bought from a feed store as chick Picture(s):
  13. cassandralee

    New Silkie pullet or cockerel?

    I'm so angry it delted my post or something and refused to let me say anything! ARGHH computers!, Anyway, I had 4 silkies to start out with, and my Roos started to crow as soon as they were feathered in. I could also tell by the size of my hens and roos and even their stance was totally...
  14. One of my Silkie Roosters

    One of my Silkie Roosters

  15. My two seabrights.

    My two seabrights.

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