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  1. Kile

    is bantam bearded d'anver a roo or pullet?

    I can't tell with this chicken. It is about 11 weeks old and really spunky and lively. Any thoughts? guesses? questions? It's beard feathers are getting picked at by the silkie roo.
  2. Kile

    New Portland, OR urban farmer

    Hello, I'm Kyle, or Kile to help remember which Kyle. I moved into a house two years ago with a coop and I began my chicken farming then. I built them a larger run then and added to the flock myself. I've moved from there and now I have a chicken coop in my new backyard I built this spring...
  3. Kile

    Coop Designs With a Living/Green Roof?

    I am now. Did you find what you were looking for? Do you still need help? I tried searching for the blueprints i used but can't find them. Here's a 3d model of my coop: What I did was make a...
  4. Kile

    Let me see your bearded d'Anvers bantams!

    Can you help me tell if my d'anver is a hen or roo? She looks a lot like this one up here. She's very energetic! I'm not sure if that means anything or not. They seem like a lively breed to me. She's about 9 weeks old now.
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