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  1. javaferret

    cutest chicken names!

    I tend to go for theme names, my oriental birds got fun names : Miso, Moochi, Nori, Nigiri. The main layer flock got : Carol, Maggie, Michonne, Denise, Sasha, Morgan, Jeri, Jadis, Madison, Ofelia, and my newest rooster that I might keep, Negan. :oops: (Kinda keep track of who was original...
  2. javaferret

    Looking for Hatchery out West - sexed baby chicks

    I live in NW Oregon and ordered from MyPetChicken in the bringing of April (2yrs ago), the chicks arrived the day after hatch in great shape. I have also order from Ideal hatchery located in Texas, and they arrived quickly as well around the same time of the year.
  3. javaferret

    Is it ok to make marks on eggs?

    I use colored pencil after finding out my normal pencil started to rub off/wear off. I was scared to use a sharpie incase it would seep into the egg, good to know you guys do use them!
  4. javaferret

    Incubating an egg with a blood spot - good, bad, ugly?

    My BCM almost always lays eggs with blood spots, it is actually a rare experience if we have one without. 2/3 of her eggs hatched in April, her eggs are too dark for me to candle and ever see anything in them, but I am guessing they must of had blood spots in them, since its a very very rare...
  5. javaferret

    Two Broody Hens

    Awesome thanks, I will do the freeing of the mamma and chicks this weekend. She is probably the most fierce of the hens and has always hogged treats...Hope she loves those chicks as much as her meal worms :P
  6. javaferret

    Two Broody Hens

    My first hatch this year was from a double broody set up. The two girls would not split up, I was trying to break them, then gave up gave them 4 eggs to see if anything would come of it. Well they did hatch 5/6 eggs (looks like the silkie visited them) and they both are mothering the chicks...
  7. javaferret

    Nasty hen????

    I was worried about that as well, and thats another reason we decided to keep her and the chicks in the main coop, everyone can see them but not eat them :) Hoping they are use to them by now! There are some other threads with similar cornering off runs with chicken wire to give babies a safe...
  8. javaferret

    Nasty hen????

    Kind of hard to see, but inside the "cage" the brooder and her chicks, outside is in the main coop and brooder #2 is still hovering and calling the chicks. :( She is much better now (will be week 3 on Monday).
  9. javaferret

    Nasty hen????

    I put in a water and a feeder in her segregated area, the ones I used back when she was a chick. I will see if I can figure out how to upload a pic.
  10. javaferret

    Nasty hen????

    Can you close off the nest box she is in? What we just did for our brooders was we made a lite wood frame (think rectangle box shape) covered all sides with left over hardware cloth and nailed it to the opening area of the nest box (we actually covered two boxes due to the way the out side...
  11. javaferret

    Considering some Cornish Cross birds

    I started the way you are thinking of starting. I had 4 CX that I picked up at the feed store and it worked out well for me for a few reasons: 1)CX are nothing like my beloved egg laying hens who I spend way too much time with. 2)CX have a expiration date if you will...they are not meant to...
  12. javaferret

    What To Do With Menacing Rooster?

    I have just gone through this very thing! 3 roosters, one was planned, two were mercy saves from the freezer camp..anyway, yes too many roosters for the amount of hens and since I can't free range atm, so the hens have a harder time getting away. What we did was build a bachelors pad for two...
  13. javaferret

    my pet chicken reviews

    VioletFeathers, I had ordered a silkie pullet last April from MPC and she turned out great (and a she). She is a little smaller than the ones I have gotten from McMurrey years ago, but she is healthy and actually lays quite well and has 5 nicely formed toes on each foot. This pic is when she...
  14. javaferret

    EcoGlow 20 chick brooder vs Heat Lamp

    Red light might be less intrusive, I have never tried one. I got my ecoglow on amazon, think there was a special for it so was a small bit cheaper (not much). There is also a thread on here about a Mama heat pad sounds like a home made ecoglow type of thing. Good luck :)
  15. javaferret

    EcoGlow 20 chick brooder vs Heat Lamp

    I have done both, this year I did the eco glow and have to say the eco glow worked out much better! Less worry about possible fire and the chicks seem to feather up quicker, and no deaths. I did have to show some of the chicks the way under before they seemed to understand it was nice and warm...
  16. javaferret

    Topic of the Week - Roosters, Yes or No?

    I have always kept roosters with my hens, and always in multiples. The most roosters I had at one time was 8 (one large EE rest various bantam breeds) with 25 hens, no problems with serious fights, though I did have to put them all in a bachelor pad the first spring cause they were wearing out...
  17. javaferret

    Flooded run...what do to with the wet shavings?

    Thanks for the input, guess on the plus side the soil I have is more clay than anything else, and it is sitting in a huge pile down by the compost piles (used a bobcat this fall to scoop out the area around the coop to prevent all this flooding...guess we failed). Just happy this happened over...
  18. javaferret

    Flooded run...what do to with the wet shavings?

    Hi all, been reading all the past flooded posts, and getting good ideas on how to prevent future flooding, but still unsure what to do with the immediate problem of all the wet shavings in the run. The run is covered 20x8 area on dirt with a deep litter floor with coarse pine shavings until...
  19. javaferret

    My Pet Chicken Ghoulish Giveaway!

    Yup got the form filled out as soon as I looked at the link for chick packs, then it was on! :D
  20. javaferret

    My Pet Chicken Ghoulish Giveaway!

    Just saw this post, hope I am not too late, but I can dream about a pack of Ameriflowers :D Got my first chicks from My Pet Chicken this April (only 9 I was being good) and they are awesome!
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