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  1. Headinthesand

    Found a great place to get Emu Eggs

    I wanted to let all of my ratite friends out there know about an emu egg source. I just paid $10 each for Emu Eggs it was very quick delivery and very professional. The gentleman lives in Tennessee. However his business partner lives in Texas. He is hard of hearing so his partner in Texas...
  2. Headinthesand

    UV light

    Can somebody tell me where I can find the recommended time to keep the UV light on in the incubator. We just purchased an incubator that has a UV light in it however naturally the instructions did not say How long to keep it on
  3. Headinthesand

    Very excited at the head in the sand about baby emus

    We just put our eggs in the incubator some baby emus. Hatch today can't come quick enough.
  4. Headinthesand

    Ostriches, Ostriches, Ostriches

    It's Ostrich season again! Our males are dancin, our hens are fluttering, and eggs will be in the incubators soon. We specialize in blue-black crosses. The end result is roosters which average 6.5 - 7 feet, hens which lay 70+ eggs per season, and dispositions that can be considered mild...
  5. Headinthesand

    Napping in the sun

    Here is one of ours taking a nap in the sun
  6. Headinthesand

    Thermal monoscop by flir to see them coming

    I just ordered the scout thermal monoscope to help deal with our predators around here. We live at about 9000 feet and we have bears and mountain lions and raccoons amongst I'm sure a myriad of other predators that I don't know about. I am hoping that this thermal monoscope will help me sort...
  7. Headinthesand

    Colorado chicken swap

    Where can I find info on these events. Local bird swaps etc.
  8. Headinthesand


    Today is a awesome day!!! We are receiving 100 new baby chicks to add to our flock. I am the care provider for all of our new babies until they are big enough to be added to,the flock. So I am so excited about all the new babies!!!!
  9. Headinthesand

    Hello from Black Hawk Colorado. I am new here

    Hello I am Orionna Gregs friend and i live on a small ostrich ranch in the mountains of Colorado, and we have many different types and breeds of birds. And we love them all!!! There are chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and a peacock. And of corse our ostriches. I will be adding pictures of our...
  10. Headinthesand

    Emu eggs

    We are very excited. Here at head in the sand we have acquired 7 emu eggs that we are incubating out. About 45 days left now I wanted to post a photo but I can't find an upload place
  11. Headinthesand

    Greetings from our ostrich ranch in co

    yes I also have chickens. A myriad of chickens. About 50 Of different breeds. We take them in from people that. Can't have them in the city. They are for keeping our ostriches company as well as eggs
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