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  1. Olivekat07

    What is this?

    Ok, I’ll try to soak him:D
  2. Olivekat07

    What is this?

    What is that? Is it bad??:(:(
  3. Olivekat07

    What is this?

    Will do, the others don’t have bands, just him, we should have cut it off before we put him in the coop, but we forgot.:( Thank you!
  4. Olivekat07

    Cute names needed for baby chicks!

    One of your buff hens should be named Buffy! That’s my buffs name! One of the Wyandotte’s should be named Lacey or Eddie.
  5. Olivekat07

    What is this?

    I got a rooster about 2 months ago and his previous owners put a band on his leg so you could identify his breed, and I guess before his spurs grew in it slid down to his foot. Now it cut through some of his foot. I have some pictures. And there is this black thing on one of his toes that is...
  6. Olivekat07

    I’m back in the game.

    They all hatched last night!!!
  7. Olivekat07

    I’m back in the game.

    Here is one of 3! The rest still to hatch!!
  8. Olivekat07

    Broody hen

    Sometimes they get up to get food and water. That’s normal. The poop, that’s normal too, that happenes when they don’t have a lot of food. If she continues to get off her eggs, keep the tread updated. Until then, let Mother Nature do her thing!
  9. Olivekat07

    I’m back in the game.

    I am deciding to hatch some more chicks! This is going to be my 3rd batch. I haven’t hatched chicks in about.... 6 months? So I’m gonna be a little rusty. I have forgoton the temperature to put the incubator on sooooo... help on that :lol:. I just plugged up my incubator for it to get warm, and...
  10. Olivekat07

    How do you train Muscovy to go into house for the night?

    The nest boxes are fine, I’m glad that they are getting in the roost better!
  11. Olivekat07

    How do you train Muscovy to go into house for the night?

    Have you tried putting them into the roost at night? If you haven’t, that would be a good routine for them to get into. If you do start putting them into the roost, that should make them get up in the coop.
  12. Olivekat07

    Winter weather frozen fog

    Wow! That is so pretty! Do you have any problems with your chickens at all or anything? I wish it would get that cold
  13. Olivekat07

    Gender Identification

    So they’re not really old enough to know FOR SURE, but I have took your 1st picture and circled the ones I THINK are cockerels. Again, not for sure, just keep an eye on them.
  14. Olivekat07

    WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!

    I have NOO experiences with quails, imma chicken and duck lady. So, I’ll just follow along and maybe you have 1 female and 1 male! Good luck
  15. Olivekat07

    Country livin’!

    Good for you! I have been living the “country life” for about 9 years now! I love living out in the middle of no where and it is great not have too many neighbors so your roosters can crow all they want! I hope you have a good time living the “country life!”
  16. Olivekat07

    The world without poultry, would be scratch.

    The world without poultry, would be scratch.
  17. Olivekat07

    The world without poultry, would be scratch.

    The world without poultry, would be scratch.
  18. Olivekat07

    Severely broken leg on juvenile turkey

    Well, I’m not blaming you that you don’t know
  19. Olivekat07

    FINALLY! The babies are here!

    Congrats!! Enjoy your babies!
  20. Olivekat07

    Rooster with dry skin on ear

    And a few questions: Do they have wet bedding? (Like if it’s been raining or there’s a lot of poop) Is there any rotting wood that you can see? Because if there are any “yes’s” to these questions, your flock could be infected with Aspergillus. It’s a type of mold that can infect chickens.
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