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  1. Vantic

    Ceramic Heat Bulb Questions

    My distances are based on the brooder performance in a near freezing pole barn. Not surprised that 18 inches is your height in a basement. Take care if adding other bulbs nearby, they multiple the heat in their overlapping zones (hope that makes sense). I really like that you are testing...
  2. Vantic

    Ceramic Heat Bulb Questions

    I use the same ceramic bulb, I use 150 watt, usually two or three in the same type fixtures. The bulbs being 15-17" off the surface gets me great temp control. Downside, don't know if it is working (can not see failure). Upside, the chicks are not always in light. Have a great day
  3. Vantic


    Hello and Welcome. I haven't ventured into ducks yet, but there is a whole forum of duckie goodness here. Enjoy
  4. Vantic

    And so it begins....our very first chicks!

    Welcome to the chick party. Fuzzy butts for everyone!
  5. Vantic

    how many Eggs you get today

    7 eggs today of eight chickens
  6. Vantic

    Built a really nice brooder

    Looks good, should hold them for three weeks or so. 😇
  7. Vantic

    What did you do in the garden today?

    I looked at them lovingly today, my starts are inside and will be there for at least another month. I do have to get started on adding some raised beds soon. My gardens are 30x30, 80x100 and 40x50.
  8. Vantic

    Moving pullets to coop

    I want to give you an example of what your chickens can thrive in. I have a mobile coop, well ventilated but not drafty. The walls are corrugated PVC roofing, the floor is 1" hardware cloth. I live in N. Idaho. My chickens get no light (but I'll not get into that here) and NO heat. With the...
  9. Vantic

    Hi! I am new :)

    Welcome, if you like reading. Get at it, there is a ton here.
  10. Vantic

    Copper Dominic hatched 8 chicks today.

    Congratulations! :love
  11. Vantic

    Covid-19 Epicenter, social distance chickens

    Welcome Kate, sounds like a great plan. For your garden make sure it is protected from the chickens while you are growing. They love to eat gardens...
  12. Vantic

    New member introduction

    Hello and welcome, there is a whole section on coops. It is had to tell you what you will like. Go scan the pictures and you will quickly catch up.
  13. Vantic

    New old member here

    Hi and welcome back to chickens. Most of the time they are better than tv.
  14. Vantic

    Hello! New member here

    Welcome to the party! Nice-looking chicks and the coop is looking good. Can't help with the sexing.
  15. Vantic

    New and studying

    Welcome to BYC, have fun with the research. I know I do. :)
  16. Vantic

    Pasty Butt Check and I learned something

    Wow, learning two things in one day might be too much... :) Anyone with experience in Silky crosses. Let bust open the "he learned something new today limit"
  17. Vantic

    Pasty Butt Check and I learned something

    I know from the title, you are thinking there is nothing to learn from a pasty butt. I agree. What I learned today is, Silkies have gray skin. I hatched 18 chicks last Saturday (first time yeah). Most of the eggs have the promise of green/blue eggs. But some were from a mixed farmhouse that...
  18. Vantic

    Good Night BYC Thread

    Cheep, cheep, zzzzz (Good Night)
  19. Vantic

    CornishX raising

    I have a whole video series on raising Cornish Cross, from delivery to the freezer. If you are interested:
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