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  1. Faye

    Fixed Runs: Unhealthy or acceptable?

    Which is better... free range on acres with mountain lions and bears ?? Or in a pen 24/7 in the city ??? I think "ALL WE NEED IS LOVE.... LOVE.... LOVE IS ALL WE NEED"
  2. Faye

    I hate snow

    "You never know what you have til you've lost it" ... so the sayin goes. Yes it is warm here... but we have to drive 2 hours to get to see and touch snow It is muddy in the winter (can't play in mud ! ) Wish we'd have a white Christmas just once. Then tryin to find a breed that can handle...
  3. Faye

    Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Auto Closes Coop - Beta Version 1.0

    This is a great idea... small price to pay for "insurance".
  4. Faye

    So I decided to build an underground coop: UPDATE pg 33

    Hard workin' kids!!! They're so cute...
  5. Faye

    Brahma hens ? when are they mature enough to lay?

    Glad you asked that... I was thinkin' about brahmas... I'm in no rush.
  6. Faye

    When Do You Deworm?

    For removing internal parasites from humans, dogs, and cats-- especially the one that causes cancer "the Fluke" -- I've read Wormwood, Cloves, and Black Walnut Hulls Extract... from Dr. Clark. Has anyone else tried this method on chickens??
  7. Faye

    Rogue Hen in The Backyard

    I say yes... get a little coop or build one.... it's cold where you are!!! Think about gettin two or three more and you'll have eggs for breakfast!!! Maybe the hobby found you? Hope you can befriend her!!! lol
  8. Faye

    New chick are here and so included

    We'll have to put a lock on our coop... our cat can undo latches. Your chicks are so cute... not to mention the kids!!! My cat would love chickies for lunch
  9. Faye

    Is Coop too small for 4 hens? PIC

    I just got a 6' x 4' x 6' I was plannin on 5 large hens.... Hmmmm They'll be free range..
  10. Faye

    Newbie Coop

    Heaven on Earth. I hope mine looks that good!!! I've got the little bigger model, the savannah. I probably paid too much though
  11. Faye

    California - Northern

    LA vs SF... I don't like either.
  12. Faye

    Are Wyandottes slow to mature?

    The feed store has the cutest baby W's right now.... I was wonderin' .... but I really want a nice breed that will tolerate the heat here. He told me they were not nice with kids... Is that true??
  13. Faye

    YOU KNOW YOU ARE LIVING IN 2008 when...

    ha... ha... ha
  14. Faye

    Riddle of the Day

    Go to BYC ??
  15. Faye

    YOU KNOW YOU ARE LIVING IN 2008 when...

    When you desire an auto-door with timer for your coop!!!
  16. Faye

    neighborhood covenant says no poultry

    Share the eggs... happy neighbors don't complain!!!! Don't get a rooster (or guineas) they're loud!!!
  17. Faye

    Is straw a no-no?

    Cost is the main issue, then absorbency. Straw (hay) bales here are $11 ea and not really as absorbent as shavings. Shavings are $5/ bag here and absorb like a sponge. I hear fumes are not safe??? I heard there are more lice in some straw than hay, is that true??? That might be an issue, too!!!
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