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  1. bdcraig

    Looking for Bantam Ameraucanas

    posted in error
  2. bdcraig

    Black Copper Marans - Cackle or McMurray or?

    Ideal does not sell them and Hoovet is sold out. Anyone have expletives or ratings? Thanks
  3. bdcraig

    Has anyone purchased Black Copper Marans from a hatchery?

    If so were you happy with the results and were the eggs they laid darker than other breeds? Thank you.
  4. bdcraig

    Selling Eggs in Louisiana

    Today I spoke to a State Official about the laws regarding the sale of backyard eggs and this was his response. The NPIP is the National Poultry Improvement Plan and if you join, the state of Louisiana will test your flock for Salmonella for free, once a year and provide you with a...
  5. bdcraig

    New Rhode Island Red Pullets and Chick update (pics)

    The Rhode Island Chicks I had shipped died, It was pretty upsetting so I got some Rhode Island Red Pullets from a local small farmer. He hatches the fertilized eggs and sells the chicks. He also has milk cows and raises orphan calves. The calves are from Dairy Farms - the cow gets pregnant and...
  6. bdcraig

    First time Chicken owner - just got my chicks.

    Ten leghorns, Ten Rhode Island Reds and five yellow with black. So far, them seem happy in the brooder, eating, drinking,walking around.
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