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  1. jujub41482

    Chickens in St. Charles, MO???

    Hi Everyone! I'm looking to move to the St. Charles, MO area. I don't know much about the area, can anyone who does live there or is familiar with the area tell me where chickens are allowed? Names of cities and subdivisions would be great. Thanks!
  2. jujub41482

    Chicken Feather Crafts?

    Anyone out there have any good ideas for a craft with their chicken feathers? Mine are molting right now and the feathers are so beautiful I couldn't just let them blow away!
  3. jujub41482

    Hen with an 11 week chick?

    Hey all, I have a Barred Rock who went broody on me with fake eggs. While she was broody, I introduced a 7 week old chick to the flock. I tried to break her of her broodiness by getting rid of the fake eggs, but instead, she took the 7 week old as her chick. The chick is now 11 weeks old...
  4. jujub41482

    Chickens that Could Affect an Iowa Election!

    I'm not directly involved in this, but this is a great article and I had to post... Pauline Hampton owns four hens for her therapy practice with children. Bruce Braley's home is next to hers. (Photo: … BROOKLYN, Iowa – Enclosed in a small pen overlooking serene Holiday Lake, four hens...
  5. jujub41482

    Do rinsed eggs need refrigeration?

    Does anyone know if rinsing eggs constitutes as "washing" them in regards to it's need for refrigeration? I just give my eggs a quick rinse in the sink to get dust off of them, no chemicals. Is this rinsing in water enough to remove the bloom and require refrigeration?
  6. jujub41482

    3 day old sick chick, need help force feeding

    I just got a perfectly healthy looking SL Wynadcotte yesterday. I had her in the brooder with another chick yesterday and they were doing just fine together until the evening when I went to check on them. The younger chick was completely soaking wet, covered in food crumbles and was laying...
  7. jujub41482

    How I Used the HOA By-Law to Keep My Chickens

    I just wanted to share some good news and pass along some potentially useful information to others who might have a HOA covenant written like mine. I had a neighbor who is known for being a hot-head and a complainer send me a letter telling me that I needed to get rid of my chickens because...
  8. jujub41482

    Narcoleptic Pullet???

    I have an EE pullet that's about 4 months old and she seems happy and healthy... except she starts falling asleep where she stands! She does this everywhere, even while eating. She falls asleep for about 30 seconds and wakes back up on her own and goes about her business just fine. Yesterday...
  9. jujub41482

    Salt from deicing the patio ok?

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if it's ok or not to put salt down on my patio and walk way where the chickens free range. Will they eat the salt, and if they do is it harmful? Are there any other suggestions that are safer alternatives for my chickens to using salt to keep my walkways...
  10. jujub41482

    BSL at 5 Months and No Comb???

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this one... I have a Black Sex-Link pullet and she's about 5 months old now and doesn't really have a comb. She has a few "bumps" and some spiky feathers there, but nothing like a comb. My Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock pullets had combs...
  11. jujub41482

    Can anyone sex this barred rock? I've never had this breed before.

    Sorry, I know the pictures are a little fuzzy. It's hard getting a good picture cause its a fast little buggar! And if you don't mind ... please let me know what clues you found that determined your vote. Thanks! S
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