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    Comment by 'ChickenMomma91' in article 'Country Acres'

    I love it! I'm actually putting some of your ideas into our new coop, which is still in the drafting stages. I plan to make a scale model of at least the basic dimensions out of cardboard before we even purchase/reclaim wood for the coop. Love the name plate too, makes it look like a little kid...
  2. ChickenMomma91

    is it ok to feed ?

    what about dried figs? I got an abundance from my in-laws and I'm not a fan of them outside the cookie. I'm thinking its a texture thing. :confused:
  3. ChickenMomma91

    Most docile rooster breed?

    I know this thread is basically old as dirt but I didn't want to make a new post when this already existed! I'm looking to expand my flock by summer '18. I have three hens (Plymouth rock, Americauna, Wyandotte) and have been offered a Maran when the babies are older and my expansion on the run...
  4. ChickenMomma91

    expanding the flock soon! so egg-cited!

    expanding the flock soon! so egg-cited!
  5. ChickenMomma91

    How many hens does a rooster need?

    I haven't gotten a roo yet as I need to expand my run and finish work on the improved coop before expanding my flock. But I was thinking 5 hens to one roo. I already have 3 and I've been promised a Maran when the expansion is ready but I also got a hare-brained idea that getting another hen and...
  6. ChickenMomma91

    Poopy box!!!

    With colder weather coming I can't really separate them. My coop is approximately 6 feet long and about 5 feet wide. It's about 5 foot tall from the ground up. I'll try to get pics tomorrow. She hops on the tarp by the looks of it. Her feet are covered in poo when I check on them. I try to clean...
  7. ChickenMomma91

    Poopy box!!!

    Ok so I bought an EE this summer and she's doing good, her feathers have grown back from the roosters at her previous home and she's a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to my two other girls. She is so scared of them that she refuses to roost on the bars (we have two long bars) the big girls...
  8. ChickenMomma91

    Need an answer ASAP

    As a side note the coop hasn't been cleaned since fall. The plan was to do it next weekend cause I have an extra day off but I need to today I will
  9. ChickenMomma91

    Need an answer ASAP

    My Buff Orp was squeaking when she breathed and sounded just down right weird when she tried to bawk at me. Was perfectly fine earlier when she let us know her coop mate was in the nest box. I noticed her nose was running till about 5 minutes after I got her out I the run and sorta quarantined...
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    Well the RIR died from an unknown cause while I was at a wine trip. But now I'm starting to wonder if my barred rock is a hen or roo since the wattle and comb is huge!
  11. ChickenMomma91


    Ok i have got two people saying pullet and one saying rooster. i can't have a roo in town and would need to rehome asap! Approximately 4 weeks old
  12. ChickenMomma91

    aging chicks

  13. ChickenMomma91

    aging chicks

    I'm thinking my RIR is older than my other chicks. She has tail feathers developing and is a good bit bigger.
  14. ChickenMomma91

    Contest #7 Cutest Baby Fowl - 6th Annual BYC Easter Hatchalong

    My very first flock!![/IMG]
  15. ChickenMomma91

    Paint. Latex? Oil?

    I found an alternative!! flour paint! Sorry for the bad grammar it was translated from french...
  16. ChickenMomma91

    Paint. Latex? Oil?

    We need to seal/weather proof the outside of our coop to keep it from warping. I know chickens will peck at it out of curiosity so what should we use?
  17. ChickenMomma91

    What do you grow to feed the chickens??

    you gave me an idea. i remember my rabbit from years ago having a wire ball for hay that we hung in the hutch. she loved it so much that we ended up buying a new one cause she ripped it down playing with it :D
  18. ChickenMomma91

    So new at this its not even funny

    Yes it helps. mine aren't being shipped. I'm picking them out at orschelans next friday which is my payday
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