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    Limping pullet

    I noticed today that my RIR pullet was limping and trying not to put wieght on her right leg. When I picked her up I noticed that foot was a little warmer and looked a tiny bit swollen compared to her her left foot. While they were out free ranging for the evening, I cleaned out their coop and...
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    4wk SLW sexing help

    Meet Storm, this is my daughters chick. Storm is about 4 weeks old. It was love at first sight for both the chick and my daughter. If I wasn't there to see the immediate bond that they had I wouldn't have believed it. The chick literally picked her out and stared at her, following her around her...
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    New chick with odd beak

    Just picked up 2 baby chicks at Farm N Fleet yesterday. I got a real good look at them today and noticed my silver laced wyandotte has a longer bottom beak. Is this something I should be concerned about? She is noticeably smaller than the other chick I got but she's also supposed to be and...
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    baby chick names, please help!

    Our family already has 3 pullets and they are all named after female superheros. Long story short, I help hatch a chick and correct a leg issue and she was the only one to survive so I called her my wonder chick. My class started to call her wonder woman and it stuck. When we got our next 2...
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    I'm a newbie

    Hello, I never meant to get into the world of chickens. I am/was actually scared of birds....but when your classroom gets eggs to hatch, you have to put on your big girl teacher panties and face your also didn't help we had a chick who couldn't get him/herself out of her egg for 2...
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    I have a 6 week old red of some sort...any ideas what kind or if I'll have eggs or an alarm clock?

    Our school hatches chicks every year, this year I had the joy of teaching in a room with some chicks and was fortunate to have a good batch in our room. We only had 1 that had a very difficult time hatching and at lunch day 2 I helped the little chick out. When the kids went home for the year we...
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