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  1. DuckAunt

    New Duck Member

    I have been helping my brother with his 3 ducks ever since we brought them home, when we were both in High School. We got them when they we less then 24 hours old and now they are 6-years-old. The kind of ducks we have a supposedly rare, we have Welsh Harlequins Ducks. What I love the most about...
  2. DuckAunt

    Help my ducks are going to kill each other!!

    Hello (sorry for the long post), I am the aunt (my brother technically is the owner) to three 6-year-old Welsh Harlequins, we got them when they were less than 24 hours old (the picture of them is inserted). Their names in order of left-to-right are Scout (female), Ming-Ming (female) and Daffy...
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