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  1. mommaof4boys


    I have a perkin duck that was due today. Still movemnet and sounds but with the weather so.cold I am having a really hard time keeping humidity right. Its only at 70. Will he be able to get out or will I loose him??? What should I do????
  2. mommaof4boys

    stinky incubator

    My incubator really stinks but I still.have 5 eggs to hatch next week. Do I need to wait and juat deal with the smell until all have hatched?
  3. mommaof4boys

    new baby on its way

    Cant wait to meet this little one. Day 28 today. Are baby ducks like chickens? Do they absorb there yoks too?
  4. mommaof4boys

    baby chick just hatched.

    Just had my third chick hatch:-) the first two did great hatching at 21 days. The third hatching at 24 days. He has a loud strong chirp but is still connected to the egg by his bottom. He is struggling to stand up but cant. The whole yolk was absorbed but its slightly bloody where he is...
  5. mommaof4boys

    duck pond

    So as of now my four white ducks use a small childs pool I purchased from dollar store. But I see so many pics of really cute pond built. My question to you is how do you keep pond from smelling? I empty my smsll pool and fill with fresh water daily and it stinks sooo bad.
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