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  1. Pjacct

    What bantam breed next?

    Hi All, So we went away on holidays for a week and a lovely friend of ours cared for our chickens. Unfortunately one of our older ladies didn’t handle the heat the other day and passed on. Bless her, she was one of our original Pekin (Cochin) bantams and would have been 7 this March. This also...
  2. Pjacct

    I like my chickens better than my child today because...... (fill in the blank)

    ..... my daughter decided to pick up the half brick that props open the door to the run and threw it onto my ankle! She is sweet and did apologise, but I could have killed her, hahah
  3. Pjacct

    What oil to use on wooden coop?

    Hi All, We have recently purchased a new timber coop and need to paint or oil prior to assembly. We have decided to stain/oil the wood surfaces and I was after recommendations of chicken safe products. In Australia it seems that Cabot’s Garden Furniture Oil or Cabot’s Exterior Varnish Stain...
  4. Pjacct

    Pekin Bantam now very aggressive after being broody?

    hi all, One of my pekin bantams went broody after laying some eggs earlier in spring (Syd.AU) She stayed broody for some time and now she has decided to attack the other chickens in her run whilst clucking continuously and cooing/screeching. Usually I would put it down to normal chicken...
  5. Pjacct

    Hello from Sydney....

    Hi All, New here but not to chickens have been finding a lot of information here that has been helpful with my new round of girls as my oldies are now in retirement mode (ie. still grazing but not laying). I have become somewhat obsessed with reading information about all different breeds and...
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