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    Comment by 'jujub41482' in article 'Quaint Little Chicken Tractor'

    Thanks! Unfortunately the little animals on the picket fence got torn down by my 4 year old :( But now that I have 7 chickens, I'm going to close up the run and put some roosts in it. My chickens free range my backyard all day anyway so I really don't need the run anymore.
  2. jujub41482

    My Princess Chickens!

    Miss Ariel is my first baby. She is a Rhode Island Red we named Ariel for her beautiful red coloring. When I step outside she's always the first to greet me, but never wants to be picked up. Miss Belle, our Barred Rock, is the third lady to join us. She's my little lap chicken, jumping up...
  3. Quaint Little Chicken Tractor

    Quaint Little Chicken Tractor

    My cute little chicken tractor for 3 chickens. Built it myself with a dog house, some lawnmower wheels, lumber, hardware fabric, vinyl siding, screening, a decorative picket fence, and some little decorations. The run is 5'x5' and the dog house is about 2 and 1/2'x 3'.
  4. jujub41482

    My "other" baby girls!

    My KFC Bucket of Chicken Picture... :D My chickies are more like pets than just food providers at my house. Here's Ariel (Rhode Island Red) when she was about 4 weeks old. She's kinda my first of the flock. My actual first pet chicken (also a RIR) was accidentally killed as a 3 week old in...
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