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  1. Guisso14

    Adding new chicks to older chickens

    So I already had 4 chickens and they are close to a year old now. I recently got 3 free chicks for free and they are currently a little over 2 months old. What is the best way to add the new chicks to the small flock. Right now the new chicks are in the run in a dog crate with a metal cage...
  2. Guisso14

    Chicken head got stuck!

    I was moving my coop to give the chicks some fresh grass to scratch at and while I do this it is hard to see where they are. When I put down one of the ends a chicken was packing under a support beam and was pinned under it for a 10 to 15 seconds. Once I realized I immediately got it free and it...
  3. Guisso14

    How cold is too cold?

    I live in Canada and obviously it is winter now. The temperatures can get pretty cold at night and I'm really just wondering how cold is too cold for the chickens in their coop? When should I be using a heat lamp? I have been using one up to now but I'm thinking of not using it anymore as they...
  4. Guisso14

    Can chicks sleep with a red heat lamp on?

    I just started putting my chicks out in their coop and I have a small red heat lamp out there as they do not have their full feathers yet and it gets pretty cold here at night. Should they be fine to sleep with the red light or should I switch to a ceramic heating bulb to keep it dark in the...
  5. Guisso14

    Using a plastic dog create

    Hello, I am new to raising chickens and figured I'd give it a try. Currently I have for chicks in a haft plastic dog crate but they're at the point now where they're about to be able to fly out of it. I keep them in a room with a space heater so that the room is at a constant temperature with a...
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