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  1. Kim

    turkeys with chickens???

    Thank you for the replies. I got 2 little poults and they are so friendly. They talk alot, too. I am keeping them separate from the chickens for now, but I hope once they are feathered they can free range with the flock. I must say, they are stinkier than the chickens. My whole garage smelled in...
  2. Kim

    turkeys with chickens???

    All the books say that you shouldn't put turkeys with chickens, but a few people have told me that they have housed turkeys with chickens with no problems. I have a small flock of chickens for my family's eggs. I would like to raise a turkey for Thanksgiving. Has anyone mixed turkeys and...
  3. Kim

    HELP! with brooding question.

    have a dozen standard hens. I bought a silkie bantam from an auction and kept her separate from the rest of my hens because she was smaller and to make sure she was healthy. She was broody, so I let her keep her eggs. This week 8 chicks hatched out, but 2 died. The rest the hen has been taking...
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