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    Redfarrahs Member Page

    Welcome to Red Farrah's Homepage ! It has taken me a little while to figure out the image add tool, but I think Ihave it whipped now. Witness how a chicken addict goes from thinking "free eggs would be nice" to Woah ! Look what I've done now ...
  2. Redfarrah

    what am I and Who's my momma?

    UPDATE: Plenty of pics Daddy Choice number 1 Daddy choice number 2 Momma choices Hatch mates momma Hatch mate is barred all over...
  3. Redfarrah

    what am I and Who's my momma?

    Thank You Mahonri, Do the momma chickens determine the color of the offspring? I have tried reading the breeding section, but it gets confusing... can you give a quick run down of why you picked the BO?
  4. Redfarrah

    what am I and Who's my momma?

    What cross would make this color chicken? Possibilities are: Copper/red color Japanese bantam rooster w/ RIR or BR or BO hen. She is darker than a buff, but lighter than a RIR, and half the size of her 12 week old, totally barred, hatch mate.
  5. Redfarrah

    crumples vs pellets

    same here with the crumbles while i have baby chickens, soon enough I will be able to switch back to the pellets I have found they make more of a mess with the plastic type feeder from TSC, the tray is pretty shallow and they scratch in it with their feet. the crumbles and pellets both get...
  6. Redfarrah

    How to Prepare Your Flock For Winter 101 *Official Thread*

    Last year I kept my 6 young chickens in the basement, But then again the winter was extra long and twice as harsh as a normal winter. That will NOT be happening again this year, seeing as those 6 chickens have turned into 28 ! including 2 new hatches, and several new layers. I plan on...
  7. Redfarrah

    What are my chicks? ** PIC HEAVY!! **

    The 6th picture I believe is a sussex chicken
  8. Redfarrah

    Pic heavy ** ID Us? breed and sex

    Hatched yesterday from blue/green eggs #1 #2 #3 #4 #4, #2, #1 from left to right
  9. Redfarrah


    **Update** 2 that have hatched since yesterday, another has a pipping shell. It's pretty cold so I'm bringing them in to dry them out. Then will try to give them back to momma Any suggestions on what would be best? give them back V/S keeping in brooder? Another has a pipped shell
  10. Redfarrah


    blue eggs set under a broody buff... Due friday, I have pipping today ! looks like I'll have fresh baby chicks soon. (will post pics when I get them)
  11. Redfarrah

    Sooo... I'm guessing they're not going to hatch?

    day 21 for me too, not a pip or a wiggle but I swear I heard a chirp from one when topping up the water. Here's something I did do... I gently picked up each egg and held it to my ear to see if I could hear scratching, pecking or chirping. I heard a faint warbling noise from one. but nothing...
  12. Redfarrah

    Can't seem to get humidity up for hatch. Any suggestions??

    Walmart has a cheap but effective hydrometer, I'd cover the holes with tape... and watch humidity then punch smaller holes in the tape as needed. oops hydrometer is for wine making... i mean humidity gauge ! mines holding steady at 60% still air homemade bator.
  13. Redfarrah

    hatch along with me!!!! march 3rd is hatch date :) PIPING ALLREADY!!!!

    6 green eggs Due to hatch Friday the 5th. I haven't seen or heard anything happening yet. but keep looking every so often.
  14. Redfarrah

    Coop window question

    if you have a local habitat for humanity store, or some other store that sells old but good used building materials you could find one there.
  15. Redfarrah

    Anyone have any examples of homemade still air incubators?

    yeap sure do... you can see one on my byc page. it's being used right now to hatch 6 eggs (started small) I should know by next friday if it worked as expected. Link to what i used and how it was tested... hope it helps !
  16. Redfarrah

    WTB-charlottesville VA (3) Started Pullets & (2) 8week+ lady meat

    Charlottesville is over 3 hours from here.. .i'm on the south side of rocky mount, closer to martinsville. I did find something on craigslist that might interest you though, RIR are great dual purpose birds... good meat birds, exe egg layers...
  17. Redfarrah

    WTB-charlottesville VA (3) Started Pullets & (2) 8week+ lady meat

    Hello, I live in Rocky Mount, Virginia. Willing to part with 3 RIR started Pullets approx 18 weeks old, should be laying soon. healthy chickens. Just not as friendly as I would like. $4.00 per bird.
  18. Redfarrah

    March Hatching Madness

    I'm IN.. set 6 (just 6) green eggs americanas yesterday morning, Farmin'chick lives close to me, so I ran over there and got a 6 pack. Been checkin' the BenQbator every couple hours to be sure it's acting right. IncOn !!
  19. Redfarrah

    Dirty eggs- How do you feel, and why?

    I recently brought some eggs for hatching, I have read on here that washing hatching eggs was not the best idea. I knew what I was looking for and promised myself I'd run away if i seen clean eggs luckily the eggs sold to me had normal amounts of brown stuff on them. Now... if I was going to...
  20. Redfarrah


    Thanks for the advice on the grocery store eggs, these had a "organic" and "free range" on the carton, Brought from the Aldi Mart. I have hens and roos, maybe I'll get a fertile egg from them sometime in march or april. This is really more of an experiment just to practice candling and other...
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