3 weeks old

  1. NikkiNik

    Can you tell the sex of my 20 day old Coturnix quail chicks by these feathers?

    Hi! I hatched 5 Coturnix quail chicks. I’d love to know your opinions on if my 20 day old chicks are male/female. Can you definitively tell at just 20 days? One photo is of the five quail chicks chests and the other photo is of the mom and dad which is obvious. I’ve only been doing this a few...
  2. chickenreyna

    two serama chicks 3 wks old pattern?

    Ordered these eggs online. I was curious if anyone knows what they will look like as adults & could post pics or tellme the name of pattern etc.. Heres photos:
  3. rossi.chicks

    3 1/2 week old Buff Orpington - comb larger and pinker than the others

    YES! It's still too early to tell...HA! But just humor me??? This buff's comb is quite clearly larger and pinker than the other 8 buff that I have! Although she/he seems to stand more like a pullet at times. Thoughts? :)
  4. B

    New picture of the babies

    These little gals are about 3 weeks old now. Lots of pretty little feathers coming in. 2 New Hampshire Red 4 Silver Lace Wyandotte
  5. madisonboe

    Chick too small?

    My chick who was hatched by a broody hen is three weeks and two days old today. I was looking st other posts on here of chicks around the same age for comparison and I’m noticing that s(he) is a lot smaller than what you guys are posting. Is this chick not growing fast enough? Just small for...
  6. SBmember

    Coccidiosis advice

    Looking for advice. Two of my 7 3 week old chicks seem to be ruffled and lethargic, eyes slightly closed at all times, still eating, drinking, but no bloddy stools. I know that for a moderate Coccidiosis outbreak it is 1 teaspoon I put it in a gallon of room temperature water and they are now...
  7. K

    Silkie Genders

    I have 5 silkie chickens 3 1/2 weeks old. 3 from My Pet Chicken who are "female" which are the smallest 3 (black,white,buff). I also have 2 that are straight runs from a Silkie breeder, the 2 biggest ones (blue grey,splash) were born 2 days before the other 3 chickens from my pet chicken. My...
  8. Familyofchicks

    Baby Chick seems very off. PLEASE HELP

    This is my first time raising baby chicks so please don't mind if this question is an easy fix I've been super worried about my 3 week old baby chick. She had a rough hatching because it was so dry that she couldn't kick her way out so we had to help her out of the egg. However, she is eating...
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