5 week old chicks

  1. T

    5 week old Wyandotte pullet or roo?

    Hi everyone! I have a 5 week old Wyandotte and am not sure what sex it is. It is pretty and friendly but it's comb has just started turning pink. Does that mean it's a roo or is it still too early to tell? Thanks!!
  2. J

    Can you help me ID these birds? 🐥🐣🐔

    Hello lovely chicken community!!! Can anyone help me identify these two birds? Not sure what breed/gender they are. All I know is that they are 5 week old Bantams. Roos or hens? 🙈 Thank you for all your help!
  3. Seven 5 Week Old Chicks need lots of Dust-bathing space!

    Seven 5 Week Old Chicks need lots of Dust-bathing space!

    Here the Chicks can't wait their turn to Dust-Bathe. They get a 2nd Bowl. (AuntieBellum is live on FB often with the growing Chicks, Spring 2020. Please ignore the other comments and politics, as you may not agree)
  4. 5-week old Chicks learn to forage for bugs in garden pots

    5-week old Chicks learn to forage for bugs in garden pots

    Chicks love their new 4x8 Chick Tractor, but they do attention need shade and breeze protection, poo scooping, and regular food and water checks. AuntieBellum (Julie Mikalson) goes live often on Fcbk with the growing chicks, Spring 2020. Please just ignore the politics, if your views differ. tyvm.
  5. R

    Are my chicks ready to be outside?

    So I’m pondering the idea of moving my 8 baby chicks (3 RI Reds, 2 Barred Rocks, 2 Easter eggers, and 1 Buff Orpington) out back into their coop and run now! They will be 5 weeks old this Wednesday(6/24/20). In RI over the next 10 days will be average high of mid to upper 80s and lows to mid to...
  6. baileeb

    Can you sex these chicks? Help!!

    Hello all! These are my 5 week old baby chicks. Their breeds are: black australorp, barred plymouth rock, rhode island red, olive easter eggers (2 grey ladies), and a golden laced wyandotte. I’m curious to see if anyone can sex them because I have no clue how to- they’re my first flock! Please...
  7. B

    My 5 weeks old chick have diarrhoea and her leg is stretching

    My 5 weeks old chick have diarrhoea and she is not walking properly and she stretches her leg. She still active she drinks and eat. I saw her poop this morning it is like water gel without any colour, she still fine that time, but after exposing her to the sun for more than an hour she started...
  8. BobbieMcK

    Guess gender of 4.5 week old chicks

    All are 4.5 weeks old give or take a couple days Barred rock RIR Buff Orpington 1 BO 2
  9. Chickmamaa209

    What breed are my 6 week old chicks ( Rhode island red, new Hampshire or other ??

    Only Wondering about the red and yellow chicks in the picture the other ones are most likely Easter eggers ( was told Americaunas but doubt it ) but I was told the yellow one is a new hamshire but shes looking a little too yellow or will she become more red as the time goes by. The red one I was...
  10. farmerkale

    When to introduce a dust bath?

    Hello everyone! We have 12 mixed chicks (all females) ranging from 5-6 weeks that we currently have inside while we build our coop. Their container has a layer of pine shaving bedding on the bottom and they seem to love to sit in it, scoot their butt around, and flap their wings. They've done...
  11. Quailberries

    Feather from 5-week-old

    This might be a really stupid question, but here we go... We just brought our chicks out for their first night in the coop, and we checked this morning and it looks like things had been going great!... Except then I found a small feather of our 5 week GLW hidden in the shavings. The feather...
  12. L

    How old do my chick look to you all?

    I was sold my Australorp chicks on March 10, with the sellers stating the chicks had been hatched on March 7. They are supposed to be 5 weeks old today, but they seem to look much larger than other pics I am seeing of 5-week old. Again, they are Australorps, and I am wondering if any of you...
  13. D

    When to move? And why are some growing so much faster

    So I have 5 chicks that I picked up as tiny day old littles that turn 6 weeks old this week and I am so ready to have them out in the coop and out of my bathroom! Here’s my dilemma: 2 of these chicks are now huge (Easter Eggers) 12 oz size, 2 are average (RIR and Barred Rock) 9 oz size and then...
  14. KikiDeAnime

    What Do I Treat Them All With?

    One of our four Silkie chicks may be sick but I'm not sure what s/he may be sick with. I can't separate them so I need to give them all the same thing in case it spread to them. I brought Small Fry out to look her/him over as I noticed how s/he was acting. Small Fry is 4-5 weeks old while the...
  15. KikiDeAnime

    Four 4-5 Wk Old Silkie chicks

    Yes I know many of you are going to say "TOO YOUNG!!" Please just tell me what gender they look like to you I'll get better photos tomorrow 2 of them have slightly bigger combs, does that help? I'm still trying to see if they have wattles yet.
  16. BrahmaGirl2018

    5 1/2 week old chicks moving out....

    My little babies are moving outside today! I am a nervous wreck!!! We have made the coop and run as secure as we can but I am terrified we have missed something. These are our first chicks and I am already incredibly attached to them. I don't have a question really, more like a need for...
  17. autumnpaquet99

    GAPEWORM TREATMENT? please help

    I woke up this morning and my 5 1/2 week old chick is showing signs of what I can only assume to be gapeworm. She is “gaping” stretching her neck out and shaking her head occasionally. No coughing, sneezing, wheezing or discharge. She’s drinking, acting relatively normal (jumping around and...
  18. BabySweetsTurkeys

    5 week old chick temp

    I have 5, 5 week old chicks. They all have tons of feathers and are doing amazing. However they are getting too big for their brooder in the house. I was wondering will they be okay outside in their new coop? The lowest temp at night is going to be 66-62 this week and I was wondering, is that...
  19. Clucking_Crazy

    Welsummer: 2 roos or 1 of each?

    I have two Welsummer chicks bought together from a feed store the day after they arrived. One was from a tank of sexed pullets, the other from a SR tank. We asked the clerk to try for a roo. They were all so young and looked exactly alike to my eyes. We hoped we came away with a pair, but would...
  20. M

    New Hampshire Red sex

    All are almost 5 weeks old.. The one in question is perched between the two EEs and second from the end. Is this a roo? I need to find out before he crows. Comb color really popped in the last couple of days.I bought them sexed from a hatchery, but only 90% chance.
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