5 weeks

  1. ChickenMamaBee

    Help sexing 5 week Barnevelder

    Bought her at “3 days old” as a pullet but now her comb is looking quite large and colorful... we love “her” but can’t have a rooster in our neighborhood. What do y’all think? Cockerel or pullet?? Let me know if additional pics are needed.
  2. machick

    Easter egger chick crowing at 5 weeks

    Is it possible that my 5 week old Easter Egger chick is crowing? He/She is a little bigger that the other "girls" and seems to be dominant.
  3. madisonboe

    Who wants to play- Guess that gender?!

    Here’s my two current chicks- 5 week old ‘Ameraucana’ (Easter Egger?) and 6 week old Blue Wyandotte. (they both hit their week mark in like three days) Both purchased from the feed store as pullets.
  4. H

    5 Week Old Chick Not Growing?

    I just got four - 4 week old chicks last week. 2 - Cream Crested Legbars, 1 - Olive Egger and 1 Welbar. When I got the chicks home I did notice one chick (one of the CCL's) was smaller but thought maybe it was just younger. Now 1 week has gone by and it really doesn't seem like this chick is...
  5. dirtroaddarlin

    Aggressive Production reds?

    My 4 production red have been pretty chill so far. Usually when I reach my hand in to grab their feed, they run the other way. Tonight, one tried to go after my hand, so I grabbed a pair of shears and gently pushed them away from the feed. Then all of them came over and tried to peck at the...
  6. A

    Duckling acting weird.

    Hi guys, don't know if this is the right place to post this, I need some advice on a duckling. She's just under 5weeks old and is with another duckling. Neither are under heat lamps and swim daily ( I make sure they're super dry and warm when finished). I noticed today that she has almost...
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