5 weeks

  1. FluffySilkie

    Chicks Fighting

    My chicks are fighting but they can’t live without eachother! I’m extremely worried about my chicks, they have been fine up until one of them started to bully another one and had it by the neck, holding on very aggressively, but....the twist is...I separated them and the one that was being...
  2. eveleychook

    4-5 Week Old Chicks Gender HELP!

    I have a few chicks to which I am unsure of gender. A barred rock, aracauna, blue or splash australorp, gold laced wyandotte, silver laced wyandotte and gold laced barnevelder. Please see below images. Pingu the Australorp Sybil the SLW Goldie the GLW Beatrice the Barred Rock...
  3. C

    Bantam D’Uccle 5 Weeks, Pullet or Cockerel?

    What do you think?
  4. We-love-chickens

    Hen or roo.

    Hi guys. I asked about my 5 buff orps a few days ago and everyone said they all look like pullets. which I totally agreed with. now we have a change in just one of them and I think it may be a roo. min just a few days the colour on the comb and wattle has gone madly red compared to the others...
  5. Gemisso

    Feed Store Amerucaunas - Trouble sexing?

    So these are my first city chickens, we aren't "allowed" roosters in the city limits but took a chance on TSC straight run Amerucaunas. We started with 6 and lost 1 that was at least two weeks younger than the rest of the batch, thanks TSC, so there are 5 left at almost 6 weeks old. My gut is...
  6. ChickenMamaBee

    Help sexing 5 week Barnevelder

    Bought her at “3 days old” as a pullet but now her comb is looking quite large and colorful... we love “her” but can’t have a rooster in our neighborhood. What do y’all think? Cockerel or pullet?? Let me know if additional pics are needed.
  7. machick

    Easter egger chick crowing at 5 weeks

    Is it possible that my 5 week old Easter Egger chick is crowing? He/She is a little bigger that the other "girls" and seems to be dominant.
  8. madisonboe

    Who wants to play- Guess that gender?!

    Here’s my two current chicks- 5 week old ‘Ameraucana’ (Easter Egger?) and 6 week old Blue Wyandotte. (they both hit their week mark in like three days) Both purchased from the feed store as pullets.
  9. H

    5 Week Old Chick Not Growing?

    I just got four - 4 week old chicks last week. 2 - Cream Crested Legbars, 1 - Olive Egger and 1 Welbar. When I got the chicks home I did notice one chick (one of the CCL's) was smaller but thought maybe it was just younger. Now 1 week has gone by and it really doesn't seem like this chick is...
  10. dirtroaddarlin

    Aggressive Production reds?

    My 4 production red have been pretty chill so far. Usually when I reach my hand in to grab their feed, they run the other way. Tonight, one tried to go after my hand, so I grabbed a pair of shears and gently pushed them away from the feed. Then all of them came over and tried to peck at the...
  11. A

    Duckling acting weird.

    Hi guys, don't know if this is the right place to post this, I need some advice on a duckling. She's just under 5weeks old and is with another duckling. Neither are under heat lamps and swim daily ( I make sure they're super dry and warm when finished). I noticed today that she has almost...
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