6 week chick

  1. JessKennedy

    Hen or Roo 5-6 week Sussex & Australorp chicks

    Hen or Roo I have 6 babies 5-6 weeks old help me with sexing pls, These are my first chicks. 1 Buff Sussex - Roo I think… 2 Black Australorp 3 Blue Australorp 4 Light Sussex no 1 5 Lavender Sussex 6 Light Sussex 2
  2. F

    Whiting True Blue Hen or Rooster?

    This chick is 6 weeks old. I’m wondering about the feathers along the neck. Does that determine if it’s a rooster? Or do hens sometimes have pointed feathers there? Very sweet bird. No other male behavior or crowing (yet?)
  3. L

    6 week old chick with lumpy and scabby neck and head

    Hi everyone, I'm new to having chickens and everything has gone well so far except for this girl. She is a mystic onyx which I understand has some Silkie in it. She has always been a bit of a lone ranger but ever since about the 4 week mark she has slowly developed scabby, bumpy, and flakey skin...
  4. Peskypigeon

    6w grey/silver button hen (CO)

    I have buttons for friendliness, and she is nothing but skittish. She is also lonely and desperately needs company, but refuses human attention. If someone can offer her a home, they can have her for free. i can add pictures of course. thank you!
  5. samcrook2

    HELP - sexing silver Wyandotte

    Can people please help me I’m so torn on this silver Wyandotte aged 6 weeks if it’s a cockeral or a pulley as well I have a hybrid from my own flock if anybody could help with that too.
  6. mandymcg05

    6.5 week old BR chicks- help me sex!

    Gotta love straight runs. Amiright?! :hit I’m 99.9% sure I have 4 Roos and 2 pullets. Husband doubts me. Men. Pffhh lol. What do y’all think? I have them numbered and pics are the best I could get. They’ll be 7 weeks on Monday! I tried to get good pics of their faces and their tails. They...
  7. Chickmamaa209

    What breed are my 6 week old chicks ( Rhode island red, new Hampshire or other ??

    Only Wondering about the red and yellow chicks in the picture the other ones are most likely Easter eggers ( was told Americaunas but doubt it ) but I was told the yellow one is a new hamshire but shes looking a little too yellow or will she become more red as the time goes by. The red one I was...
  8. TwoChicksChix

    Difference Between Coryza and a Regular Infection?

    Hey everybody, So my friend is wondering if anybody can explain how to tell if a chicken has coryza vs a regular respiratory infection? She doesn’t want to have to cull her 6 week old D’uccle if she doesn’t have to. The reason we’re asking is because he was sneezing a bit the first day, but...
  9. BrahmaMom1797

    Blood in Stool?

    I have a bunch of 6 week old chicks. I have two sultans, a Swedish flower hen, and a barred rock. I had one other Swedish flower but she passed yesterday after a seizure. Now recently, in the coop I have been noticing, that there has been “blood” in stool where the chicks are, though the poo is...
  10. farmerkale

    When to introduce a dust bath?

    Hello everyone! We have 12 mixed chicks (all females) ranging from 5-6 weeks that we currently have inside while we build our coop. Their container has a layer of pine shaving bedding on the bottom and they seem to love to sit in it, scoot their butt around, and flap their wings. They've done...
  11. MountainFarming

    6 week old silkies

    a couple questions regarding my silkies. We are leaving for a few days. They are inside my house (3 silkie chicks, 6 weeks old) and I have a neighbor checking on them during our time away. Are they old enough to not need a light anymore? My second question is can anyone tell (I’m aware it’s...
  12. backyardchicks

    She May Be Small, But She Can Still Get Her Head in the Bucket to Eat!

    She May Be Small, But She Can Still Get Her Head in the Bucket to Eat! This is my 6 1/2 week old white silkie eating out of the feed bucket I made for my chickens. I do have feed at a lower location, but she prefers eating like the others do!
  13. KikiDeAnime

    Early Cockerel Behavior?

    So we got a 6 wk old Buff Orpington who we still haven't figured out it's gender but its acting way different than the others. He/She: -Keeps attacking me whenever I reach into the brooder to change the water/food container. -pecks the others as if doing the pecking order. -stands near one and...
  14. backyardchicks

    6 1/2 Week Black Maran Pullet or Rooster?

    6 1/2 Week Black Maran Pullet or Rooster? Comb and waddle beginning to pink up, but not red yet. Not sure if Black Maran roosters have more prominent red comb and waddle by this age? What do you think?
  15. solidsnake

    Chicken Jumps on Heads

    Hilariously, and adorably, my 6 week old chick likes to jump on people's head and just sit there. I'm assuming she thinks it's like a nest, since she's just a baby still I never thought about giving her a nesting box, but maybe I should? Does she want to practice nesting? She's a barred...
  16. nikdonbon

    Integrating chicks

    I have an (1) almost 6 week old chick, as well as 5 other chicks that are almost a week old. I have had them in seperate brooders at this point, however the little ones are starting to jump out of the box they are currently in. I am considering putting the babies in a dog crate in with our older...
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