7 week old chicks

  1. S

    Integrating 7 week chicks into 17 week old flock

    Hi all, we are first time chicken raisers and are struggling to figure out how to manage the merging of our two young flocks. We have two hens who are 17 weeks old, and three chicks who are now 7 weeks old. For the past 3 weeks, we’ve put the chicks out every day in a fenced off area of the yard...
  2. mozzar_ELLA

    Chick transfer in California

    Two of my chicks are almost 7weeks old. They’re almost all feathered only missing head feathers and about a quarter size on each side of there flank up under the wings. They’re outside all day in the run or free ranging but I’m still bringing them in at night. We live in the Sacramento area...
  3. S

    White Silkie and Polish Gender???

    I’ve have an 8 week old white Silkie and silver laced polish. What do you all think on the gender? The Silkie is the dominant one out of the bunch and started crowing a couple days ago. My brother said that his dominant hens crow in the mornings too. The Polish is very calm and not aggressive...
  4. chicksonline

    7 week old chicken

    i have this chick but i’m unsure of the gender and breed, pictures attached, for 7week old it has the comb and tail but has no wattles so it has confused me what do you think!
  5. Fwchickens

    What is going on with this BC Maran?

    This is a 7 week old BC Maran. My question is what is going on with it’s feathers? It is hard to photograph but they almost look frizzled. The shaft is extremely fine, the feathers curl and seem fuzzy. Has anyone had a bird like this? Does this go away with maturity?
  6. Fwchickens

    Ameraucana gender game!

    These are 7wk old Lavender/self blue Ameraucanas hatched from shipped eggs. All but one hatched from the pointiest eggs I think the breeder could find and while it’s a wives tale, I think I have 3 cockerels and one pullet. Let me know what you think. Also they have been very slow to feather and...
  7. ChickenMama1980

    We introduced our 6-7 week old flock to their NEW coop today!

    This is our first flock... this is our custom, DIY garage coop! I will be working on the run this coming weekend. Here's a YouTube link for the full tour of the coop: I will attach some photos too... my boys enjoyed picking a bunch of dandelions and presenting the girls with a big salad!
  8. A

    7wk old chick tucking head shaking and backing into wall...HELP!

    I have had grown chickens before but never baby chicks. I have a 7wk old light Brahma named Yeti that curls its head upside down shaking it back and forth while backing up until she hits a wall. Maybe slightly unbalanced but No obvious paralysis wing or leg. I also noticed that her irises are...
  9. ChickenChickie13

    Help! Can 1 week old Seabright bantams be integrated with shy 8 wk old Buff Orpington pullet?

    So we're brand new to the chicken world. My husband and I have 2 outgoing Saphire Gems, 1 Americana that has quite the personality, and a very shy, timid Buff Orpington. All are 7-8 weeks old. Sugar, our Buff, gets pushed around by the other girls. She spends all her time trying to get away from...
  10. CPT

    How long to leave chicks outside?

    Hi! We have some 7 week old Wyandotte chicks that we felt were getting too big for the brooder. So we moved them into their new coop! Kept them inside for 2 days so that they get to know their new "home" and just let them out today. Our existing flock and roosters seem to be integrating with...
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