8 month old hens not laying

  1. ChickStavie

    Sick Silkie

    My Silkie did not come out of the coop this morning and apears to be acting very lethargic with no obvious signs on the exterior. Slow head movements with no energy to walk put her head in water bowl and she took some sips Her sister has started laying about a week and half ago so maybe egg...
  2. A

    Dark Brahmas, 8 months old

    I have 5 dark Brahmas. They are 8 months old and still not laying. They were born in June of 2017. I know they are a slow maturing bird but I read that they should start laying around 28 weeks, which would have been mid to late December. Not sure if it has something to do with the season. We are...
  3. M

    8 month old chickens are not laying

    Four of our hens hatched 17 chicks in April of this year. We've fed them the starter food and allowed them to stay with the Hens that hatched them. About a month ago, we started giving them the laying mash. But...they still have not started laying. Of the 17, 5 are obviously roosters. Any...
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