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  1. EastTeaxsChickenMimi

    Broken Wing at Joint! Need An Article or Link to reference

    Five month old cockerel found outside of coop injured. Unsure if attacked at this point. Feathers matted but no puncture wounds found. Wing not functioning. There is blood trauma under the skin at the elbow (?) joint but the bones are not attached . He can move wing and the lower half looks...
  2. S

    Silkies showing no signs of life

    Help! We purchased some fertilised silkie eggs, we let them rest for 24 hours like you are meant to but we didn’t candle them (we are quite new to this). None have exploded or look like they have rotten so I think all is well there. But today is day 21 and silkies are meant to come early but...
  3. H

    How Humane Are No-Crow Rooster Collars?

    Hi all! So I recently got a 5 month old Rhode Island Red mix rooster named Harvey from a local rescue. He’s an absolute sweetheart, very nice and not aggressive. But he crows, without fail, at the crack of dawn every morning. He’s fairly quiet the rest of the day though. We’ve been looking in...
  4. Kimmyh51

    Respiratory symptoms video attached anyone had ducklings/chicks like this?

    Video (please ensure sound is up) Sorry you can’t see much,it would have disturbed them to shine a torch on them to light up the ducklings more (my lights are on inside but their container is in shadows) but to be isnt there isn’t much to see, it’s what you can hear. The duckling is in the...
  5. AlexisP

    Help/ Advise on raising Broilers/meat chickens?

    Hello! I am raising chickens (Specifically the breed White Hen X bred at A&M university) for my FFA animal showing, and this will be my first time. I have done a lot of research already, but I am very interested in learning more on how I am to take care of my tasty friends! (BTW, I've named them...
  6. PeaPod117

    Aftermath of Racoon Attack

    I woke up this morning, and usually I have a “ritual” of waving to my flock from the bathroom window upstairs, and usually they’d honk and start getting restless. Today, I noticed little movement in the coop. There were my two Pekins, but they weren’t giving me their usual side eye. I saw brown...
  7. Tilly6

    Lost a duck the other night

    2 days ago one of my ducks was found dead with the head gone. We thought a raccoon. I found where something had dug trying to get into the run that night too. We haven’t caught anything in the traps or on camera until last night. Located in MI, Upper Peninsula. (The time and date on the camera...
  8. T

    Chicks Dying- Need advice

    Hello, My husband and I are first time chicken owners. We were told it should be super easy to raise chicks and we’d have minimal problems. We first bought 6 from a local farm store that the girl working picked out and within the first night one died. Then from then on we had a chick die every...
  9. DianaJay

    Breeding a Duck to Her Parent?

    Our pair of Khaki Campbell/Welsh Harlequins have successfully raised their first clutch. I'd like to keep one of the ducks for her extraordinary colouring but I'm afraid of allowing her to breed to her father, my only drake. Would that in fact be problematic? We're very new to this.
  10. Potsmama

    Polish bantam chick, advice!?

    So I’ve adopted this crowned polish bantam chick, a friend found her in a parking lot abandoned. She couldn’t keep her so I offered. I have two birds already, (a red and a naked neck)and they get along great. I’m just concerned about whether or not they’ll eat along or they’ll hurt my lil girl...
  11. chicksandchores

    New to Ducks!

    Hi all! I have a fairly large chicken flock, and I’ve recently decided to add some ducklings under a broody hen that’s been sitting for four weeks on infertile eggs. I pick up four five day old Indian runner ducklings on Wednesday! I ferment feed for my chickens, is that okay for ducklings...
  12. L

    Cockerel chick with Male Quail?

    Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post this still haven’t figured this website out and this is my first time keeping bids so please be kind. I got a little chick last month and he has grown into a lovely little cockerel about 5-6 weeks old, I named him Ron. He was raised alongside his...
  13. house.of.ducks

    PLEASE HELP duck eye??

    I don’t have time for a long explanation because i’m on my way to TSC rn so i want to see if there’s anything i can purchase there by the time i get there but my cayuga’s eye looks like this. her inner eyelid the one that is like see through is fine and she seems to be acting normally. her...
  14. S

    7 week old goose wont eat greens

    My 7 week old goose barely grazes and wont eat other greens either . shes fixated on the starter crumbles. Barely eats anything besides this . what can i do ? Anyone have this happen? I been supplementing with vitamins and niacin in water ... And keep greens available at all times.
  15. K

    Eggs bleeding under shell?

    Can anyone help me out? I’ve got rescued eggs in an incubator, and since we’ve had them, they’ve slowly started bleeding under the shell? And it started with one and it’s happening to more and more. We’ve had to throw out 5 eggs already. I can’t seem to find anything on Google. Is it something...
  16. house.of.ducks

    Fox keeps taking ducks!!

    So far i have had two ducks taken by a fox in my neighborhood. The first was one of my two young muscovies back in November or December, and just yesterday one of my welshies (one of the 2 first ducks i ever got) was taken and she would have been 2 years old on September 5th. I think of my ducks...
  17. MysticUniKitty

    Beak Injury (non emergency), top of beak chip.

    Hello! So it doesn't "look" like an emergency, but wanted to double check, I've been looking on here for advice and finding questions for just not the right thing. looked through google for a good diagram and can't find one. of course when i'm worried or frustrated i can't find the keys in my...
  18. PeaPod117

    Chick keeps leaning back before leaning forward if she goes too far

    I got some new chicks to add to our current flock today, and we’ve already lost one chick due to a poor decision on my part. Right now one is displaying odd behavior, where she’ll be standing there, then start leaning back before catching herself and quickly leans over. Also, a few times it...
  19. E

    Keeping a Smaller Chick Warm

    Hi everyone: one of our new baby chicks is a little smaller and seems to be a little chillier than our other three . Any suggestions on how we can help warm it up more without overheating the others? Chicks are 8 days old and the brooder temp is at about 90°. The little one is still eating and...
  20. thelightswechase

    Aggressive male ring-necked dove

    I've owned a pair of ring-necked doves for the past three years, and the male has been aggressive against the female since febuary. He chases her, attacks her when she attemps to eat/drink and pinches the feathers at the back of her head until they come off. She is practically bald as of right...
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