1. AMaggio

    Ducks depression?

    Hey everyone, I have chickens and ducks but just yesterday one of my drakes, a Runner, who is coming into adulthood, has challenged the head drake, a Pekin. The Pekin doesn't want to fight and ran away and all day yesterday the Runner would not let him back into the flock. We were able to get...
  2. chickenbritt5908

    Pullet wondering off alone..

    My favorite pullet, Henrietta - a RIR X Blue Australorp, has started wandering off away from the flock. She’s 8 months old and totally independent from the rest. She always comes to roost and she doesn’t leave our property, but it makes me nervous because she’s making herself too vulnerable out...
  3. E

    Chelsea is Bald

    Hi everyone! Thanks for the suggestions and advice from my last posts. Chelsea is doing very well! She’s regained her full appetite and is very mobile in my house! She likes to chase my rabbit around too. (Poor lil guy.) Anyway, it is now very cold where we live, tonight is the first temp drop...
  4. city-chicker

    Chick died, leaving friend alone

    We have 4 grown hens and got 2 babies (Red and Coco) in June. We were in the process of integrating, letting them all free range together during the day and putting them in separate coops at night. Last night we finally put them all in the same coop. I opened the door bright and early so they’d...
  5. W

    My chickens are stuck in a horrid flood

    there is a huge flood where my father and my chickens live. It was so bad that my father had to evacuate, but the chickens are still in their coop. They have higher places to go and I have at least a weeks worth of food and I’m not sure how much water. I have not seen it yet neither has my...
  6. D

    Please help!

    Hi! I am new to having chickens and this is our first winter (New Hamphshire). We have 6 chickens of varying types of but all are cold weather breeds. We got them all at the same time as chicks and all was well until 2 months ago when our smallest (and sweetest) was found bloodied in the...
  7. Gemduckmum

    Wild baby ducks

    Hi guys, can anyone set my mind at rest? Today I saw a baby mallard on a roundabout so naturally I stopped all the traffic and shepherded it to the stream nearby. It couldn’t fly as it just ran and flapped away from me as I ‘shooshed’ it out of the road, it had adult feathers and a blue spot on...
  8. H

    Will Squirrels Bother Hen?

    Hi all. I have a single Buff Brahma hen. Unfortunately, her sister recently died so she is alone right now. We will be moving out some new chicks to be with her soon. However, I have been sprinkling some mealworms, sunflower seeds, etc. around for her in her pen. There are at least 3-4 gray...
  9. L


    Ok so this is my 1st time ever having a chicken and a roosters, so I have no idea what I'm doing.Luna(my chicken) died two days ago and now it's just Mang (my rooster). We let him out all day and he comes back when it's time to sleep. His behavior didn't change much with Luna gone except he...
  10. Headers Hen House

    Loud Hen When Alone?

    So my girls just started laying within the past couple weeks. They're on the same cycle pretty much, laying the same day just a couple hours apart which is great! My problem is that Bertha lays her egg first, then goes out into the yard...and is soooo loud because she wait's for Rick The Chick...
  11. finallyinATX

    Introducing new chicken - Should she sleep alone?

    Hi, I have three established chickens and one new one. All are about a year old. I introduced the new chicken by letting them see each other through the run for about an hour. Then I let my 3 established girls free range with the new one out and about. There were a couple of interactions but...
  12. J

    Pretty new at this in southern Indiana

    Hello there, we are pretty new to this chicken keeping and are now down to one lonely in due to a dog attack today taking out the other two. Pretty heartbreaking. Concerned for my soul remaining chicken being alone for the first time in her life and am considering putting radio into the coop and...
  13. chicka_doodle

    Help! I have an injured chicken i cant keep in my coop and its getting cold out!

    I have a bantam chicken that we found injured on the side of the road I rehabbed her back to health but her leg still isn't strong she doesn't use it very much and my other chickens pick on her to the point that her head was bleeding and cut so I separated her and have her in a coop of her own...
  14. F

    Rooster is sleeping alone

    i was hoping someone can help me figure out what is going on with my flock. I have 2 Roos and 10 hens that have been together for just over a year now. Happily sleeping in the same coop. Now one of my roosters has moved out! He now sleeps all alone in our second coop. They are connected by their...
  15. M

    Keeping single hen alone?

    Hi, this past Spring I got two hens and this is my first time keeping chickens. Recently one of the hens passed away so my question is do hens do ok living by themselves? Is it required that I get at least one other hen friend for her? Fact based, explanations for your response would be appreciated.
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