1. kristeninprogress

    Guess This Chick!

    On today's episode of "Guess that Chick!", we have this cute three-day-old chick, straight run, and breed unknown. Clues: dark shanks with pink feet, feathered shanks, four toes, mostly yellow fuzz with maybe blue? Source: Local breeder that does purebreds only. Was supposed to be a Lavender...
  2. danpeters9497

    Nice to see we are not alone.

    Hey everyone, I'm Dan, a 27 year old British army veteran now married to my darling wife Torri and settled with 2 kids and one on the way in rural East Tennessee. We recently moved to what we hope to be our forever home on half an acre with land next to us we hope to acquire in the near future...
  3. ElmCityChickens

    Egg with soft tail

    My mom gave me some chickens a few months ago, and they came to live with me in the city. They have a large portion of the yard to roam, and we live near a big park with other wild animals which is not great because of hawks and wild birds with bugs on them. They do get bugs on them as well but...
  4. C

    Review of my experience with Meyer Hatchery

    Hey everyone, I'm not at all affiliated with Meyer Hatchery. We just ordered nine chicks from them in December 2019 and I thought people might find my experience with it useful. I had backyard chickens for years but never got chicks in the mail before. We specifically ordered a Blue Ameracauna...
  5. Aggiedusty

    EE’s puffs abd beards

    Please Can somebody tell me if beards and puffs on EEs are from a dominant gene or a recessive gene. I have many types of chickens on the ranch and sell eggs and chickens to locals but have become most interested in Ameraucanas but for now have EEs. I have hatched many eggs of other varieties...
  6. SoftSilkie

    Ameracauna color/variety

    Hi everyone! I have two Ameracanas, the lighter colored one is Rachel and the brown one is Annie. I plan on showing them if they are good quality, but I need to know what variety (color) they are as recognized in the American Standard Of Perfection. Does anybody know? (Sorry the pictures are...
  7. JMeghan

    Ameraucana Breeding

    Hey guys! So I was wondering about my options here... I can't decide on what to do... A little information. I don't plan on showing these birds, but I also don't want to disgrace the breed either. I would still like to have Ameraucana's. Just depends on whether or not the colors make the...
  8. Chickmamaa209

    NEW to the chicken world. What do you think about my of chicks?

    Hello fellow chicken owners. My mom recently gave me permission to have chickens and ready starting this amazing journey I'm planning on converting a shed into a coop & adding a large steeling wire dog kennel as a chicken run. I have been doing tons and tons of research and have learned a lot...
  9. ats808

    Is this an Ameraucana?

    Wondering what breed this may be and what sex? I purchased this little one at my local TSC and it was supposedly Ameracauna I would like to get more information as I’ve heard that tsc dislabels most chick breeds. My husband said it looks like it will be a rooster?
  10. H

    ameraucana chicks????

    I was told these baby chicks were all ameraucana chicks.... However I'm not so sure... They were from tractor supply. What do you think they are? There I believe 2 sets of different breeds. The bigger chicks look the same and the smaller chicks look all alike. PS - Sorry if the pictures are...
  11. Blue eggs and ham

    Can you identify this breed ?

    Hello I am new to raising chickens but so completely hooked I have 2 Golden sex links and 3 (I believe are Welsummers ) 1 cuckoo Maran 2 months old and 5 Ameracuna chicks my golden sex links just started laying 3 days ago. Please help me to identify my lovely ladies. Tractor store sold above...
  12. hypnozze

    Lavender Araucanas - 3 weeks - UK type - Chick sexing

    Hello! I have 2 Lavender Araucana chicks. They are 3 weeks at the moment and I was wondering if it was possible to tell which is which (hopefully not two roosters). One has a more pronounced comb and its redder than the other's. P.S. I added a photo from the internet of how the grown-ups should...
  13. LunaMarieWolf

    Breed and/or Gender please?

    Hello! I was looking at my local sale auction and got this lovely chicken from a guy. He said they were ameracaunas (hopefully I spelled it right) and didn't know if they were male or female because he was selling them for a friend. My younger sister has an Easter Egger who she adores. She...
  14. madisonboe

    Ameraucana Rooster needing a home in Sacramento, California

    He’s a little over a year old, was purchased as a chick labeled pullet but we all know how that goes! I’ve gotten lucky and not had any complaints with this guy (my previous rooster caused a county code enforcement issue!) but we will be welcoming our baby boy into the world in just two weeks...
  15. T

    Bay Area CA - 2 young Ameraucana roosters to re-home

    Around eight weeks old, just discovered they are roosters (bought four young ones from the local 4-H). One is red, one is blue. Very sweet and pretty birds. We live in San Jose, which doesn’t allow roosters, and we are willing to drive to deliver them. My daughter would very much like to find...
  16. Kathys Coop

    What breed does this pullet look like?

    What breed does this chicken look like? Ameracauna or True whiting blue or True Whiting Green?
  17. Quailberries

    Ameracaunas or EEs?

    Just picked up these four chicks from a larger local hatchery. They were marked as Ameraucana/EEs, so I just assumed they were all EEs when ordering. That being said, they're here now, and they look more like Ameraucanas to me! A little help here?? One looks like a bearded Australorp, something...
  18. Blue_dingo

    5 week old Ameraucana: hen or roo

    Hi all, can I get a quick gender check on this bird? She sure looks like a hen to me, but likes to get in the typical rooster fighting stance and boss the other hens around. The comb looks good to me but this is my first Ameraucana so i dont have a frame of reference and they seem quite...
  19. jaks2578

    Ameraucana Chick - Lethargic

    Good morning all, We purchased six Ameraucana chicks approximately two weeks ago. Unfortunately, two passed away Memorial Day. I assumed from heat stroke as I moved them outside to clean their brooder. This morning I found a third chick very lethargic, feet cold, but still breathing. I got...
  20. MaliceAlexx

    My Big Little Babies

    My flock is growing up so fast I finally got the two older chickens and the 6 youngins to get along well enough to share a coop. No more chickens in my living room! A bit strange not hearing their peeps all day. Now that the weather's nice I can enjoy some free range time with them in my over...
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