1. fxyloos

    Blue Black Splash Ameraucana's/ Easter Eggers

    Hello all, We ordered some blue black splash Ameraucan's and 2 easter egger chicks. I don't know how to tell what colors they are for the Ameraucana's and I think the 2 Easter Eggers are the ones with the light head and the darker bodies but I just don't know. And the colors range between pale...
  2. C

    Are these pullets? Americuana or aracuna?

    Hello! This is my first ever post after months of lurking as a non member! I have a small mixed flock. These are my believed americuanas (no Tufts/moustache) I'm aware it's hard to sex from birth.. I hatched these from an egg in April this year and there still not laying ... Can anyone tell...
  3. N

    Ameracauna or EE?

    I got these 10 as babies from a feed store. They told me they were Ameracaunas, however, I know many times they are not true. Just curious if your thoughts if they are actually EE? Thank you!!
  4. Mountain Bird

    Sexing Ameracaunas

    Hello all! I have a trio of Lavender Ameracuanas, born 5/13. I’m usually solid on sexing at this age, but I’m having difficultly with these Ameracaunas. I’m confident on Lavender pullet #3, but I need some help now with Lavender #1 and #2. Lavender #1 absolutely acts male, #2 does not...
  5. LazyHenAcres

    Rehoming 3 Ameraucana Roosters - Charlotte, NC

    I know this is a long shot, but have to try. We pandemic-hatched a bunch of chickens and there are just too many for us. I’m not feeling up to the normal culling after the last few years. If anyone is interested, please let me know - I will even drive them up to forty minutes if I have to 😂 They...
  6. T

    Chicken variety

    Hello! I’m new to backyard chicken. My husband and I live in South Carolina. Our first batch of 4 heritage birds turned out to all be roosters, so we had to rehome them. Now, We have an adult white Americauna hen and adult White Face Spanish hen. We have 10 week old Light Brahma (not sure on...
  7. Glory


  8. Glory


  9. Sneakychick

    Eye Infection in a Chick

    Hi All, I was hoping I could get some advice on how to save this chick. I bought her at 3 days old from a breeder and she seemed healthy, but after about a week I noticed she wasn't growing as fast as the others and that her right eye was swelling shut. The wait lists for avian vets where I...
  10. Mountain Bird

    Sexing Ameracauna Crosses

    The following are Easter Egger x Lavender Ameracauna crosses, 6 weeks old. I can’t seem to put my finger on these babies in terms of gender. I’ve already culled out the males from this breeding group. The males had bright red pea combs and hints of wattles starting. I’ll post some reference...
  11. K

    Hen acting fine, but not eating?

    I have a 6 year old Ameracauna. She hasn't layed eggs for a couple years now. She has always been petite and not a super hungry girl. Recently she had diarrhea and was acting out of it. The bet gave her vitamin b, de wormer, pain relief and antibiotics. For a while she seemed better and was...
  12. LostTesseract

    What color type is my Americauna?

    Hello folks, bought this hen from a hardware store, labeled Americauna. She came out black and white with blue feet, but she's not a splash, she's not a blue, she's not wheaten, and I cannot find another one colored like her. Ignore the sapphire behind her. So naturally, I am here to ask the...
  13. nekocafe

    Black Ameraucana 7 weeks

    Hi! I have 4 straight run Ameraucanas that are 7 weeks old - 2 are Roos, 1 is a pullet and then we have mystery chicken here. What are your thoughts? The comb is more red in the photo than in real life and also isn’t as red or as big as the Roos - which is why I’m stumped. 😂 Photos of the comb...
  14. M

    Our first egg!

    Our little lady hatched around December 18 laid her first egg today! She’s a blue Ameraucana, we’re still waiting on our salmon Faverolles, followed by a bunch of younger girls starting with a Houdan next month. We have a fully mixed flock so the lay dates are all over the place. The big girls...
  15. T

    Pheasants & Gamebirds

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Iv had birds since 2007. There’s been gaps due to work though. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 0 chickens (3) What breeds do you have? Coturnix Quail (4) What are your favorite aspects of raising backyard...
  16. Yabadabadoo

    Cockrel? (Light brahma and blue americauna)

    Hi all! I have 19 new pullets, hatched late January to midFebruary. It has been a super busy Spring, with some work travel, and then one day I looked outside and thought, “omg, how did you two get so big?!” and then a few days ago…”how did I miss it…y’all are dudes” 😂😂😂. So tell me, pullets or...
  17. M

    Introducing 1 week old chicks to 3 week old chicks

    I have three 3-week old bantam silkies I’ve had since they were 1 day old. I am getting four bantam Ameraucanas on Sunday that were born this Monday. So the new chicks will be six days old and my older chicks will be 3.5 weeks. I’m planning to spend the whole day Sunday being able to...
  18. V

    Blue Ameraucana Rooster

    I am searching for a loving chicken mom near Lancaster, Pa that would be willing to take a blue Ameraucana rooster ( if he turns out to be one). It is 5 weeks old and I'm 90% sure it is going to be a roo. In that case I need to rehome him. I am looking for someone who will not kill him and will...
  19. Dufus The Splash Ameraucana Roo

    Dufus The Splash Ameraucana Roo

    This lovely boy almost died on me when he was little due to sour crop. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time as I was fairly new to poultry but now he’s growing to be a strong roo! He’s a sweetheart but super timid.
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