1. J

    Can someone help me with what breeds that I have

    I was thinking some where americaunas and the one black rooster with the comb. I was thinking he was a australorp, maybe. And I believe outta 7 of them. I only have 1 hen. 6 I believe are roosters. Tell me if I'm wrong. Cause I might be. I really hoping yall can help me with what kind I have...
  2. MissPeep

    Gorgeous New Rooster! What breed is he?

    I adopted this lovely rooster today. He looks like my Easter egger mixed with something. Gorgeous green in his tail feathers with a rainbow sheen in the light. Any idea what kind of mix he might be?
  3. junibug

    chicken panting?

    my chicken constantly pants. she’s mostly indoors, living in my house with me because she can’t eat by herself (severe crossbeak), so i can’t imagine it has anything to do with heat. she’s definitely uncomfortable, and can’t settle down when she’s having these “episodes”. has anyone had the same...
  4. H

    Chick Not Growing

    My EE chick is about two and a half weeks old and is smaller then my one day old Ameracaunas and I wasn’t sure why this is? The chick is otherwise healthy it just hasn’t grown at the same rate as my other EE’s and I was wondering if there’s anything I can do?
  5. DavisHenitentiary

    Ameraucana pullet vs cockerel

    Hello all, I am looking for an Ameraucana pullet but I need help to be able to distinguish (as much as possible) genders. I know sexing Ameraucanas young is difficult, if not impossible, but does anyone have tips on what to look for? The ones I’m looking at are 4-5 weeks old maybe. I know most...
  6. Chxlove

    Golden Comet or Starlight Green Egger?

    Just acquired a few new 7-8 week olds to my flock and I'm questioning the breeds. I was told the left 2 are Starlight Green Eggers, middle is a buff Orpington, next is unknown or possibly Golden Comet, and last is BR which is obvious. The buff looks nothing like my 2 buffs so I don't think she's...
  7. katelwil

    Ameracauna - Best place to buy

    I'm hoping to get some advice on good places to purchase ameracauna chicks. There aren't any feed stores that sell them around my area and I'm conflicted about where I should buy them online. One site will sell chicks for $20+ while others will sell for a lot cheaper. Is there a quality...
  8. marsmallowthesilkie

    Chicken Stories

    Gumball was relaxing in the coop, while Cupcake was in the Chook Feast Store(aka the dining room) while some of the others were just chilling. Laksmi the Houdan was pretty much messing with Copper while he was tidbitting his little hens. Ponyo(aka Copper's GF) was with the other hens, while some...
  9. OfWolvesAndHen

    Day 3 Development Progress?

    I'm on Day 3 of my first ever attempt at hatching and to say I'm excited is to say nothing! So far, 5 of my 10 eggs are growing beautifully with a nice clear view of the start of the embryo. The other 5 are showing no signs of growth, though; no veins or anything have formed. At first only 2...
  10. M

    Help! Chick with wry neck.

    Help! I’ve got a 6 week old Ameracauna chick with wry neck. We’ve been isolating her, as well as supplementing selenium, vitamin E, and adding electrolytes to her water. She seemed a little better for a few days, but today she’s been writhing as her neck will twist and then she is “stuck” on...
  11. Littletozer

    What kinds of roosters?

    What mix do you guys think these are. We were told a mix between amercauna black copper maran and maybe silkie they said likely OE/EE we have some azure blues and some brown laying red sex links currently. Thoughts anyone they are both very nice boys new to this. Thanks
  12. bellium

    Oops, I did it again...

    A few years ago, after starting out with a flock of grown hens given to me by a friend, I decided to get a few chicks to raise. A young and inexperienced chick keeper, I headed over to TSC and carefully picked out six chicks in breeds of interest to me. I was naive to the TSC stories of woe, in...
  13. farmgirl216

    Bright red skin and no feathers

    A few days ago I noticed my amerucana rooster has no feathers on one leg and has lost quite a few tail feathers. Also his skin is very red in those places without feathers. His leg appears to possible be trying to grow feathers back. He is in a pen/coop with 5 hens and they are all perfectly...
  14. Black Rabbit Homestead

    Finally on Ebay

    I'm tickled pink! I finally got back to selling my fertile eggs through ebay! This (hopefully) gets me one step closer to living full time on our homestead. I'll be truthful. The amount of work on a farm is unrelenting, and in the past I have found it difficult juggling work, farm, greenhouse...
  15. K

    Roos or Hens? Help!

    We just started a new little flock. We have had chickens in the past but never as chicks. This is stressful haha. Help us determine how many need to be served an eviction notice. Details about each chick will be included under each picture. Dottie is our itty bitty baby. She is an Ameracauna and...
  16. C


    Hi everyone! I'm from the bay area and have been keeping chickens for about a year now. I may just be a teen, but already I am taking full responsibility for my flock and raising them like dogs! This has payed off and I love watching my little floofsters run to me every morning :) I get my...
  17. K

    Ameraucana Hens x Buff Orpington Rooster

    I’m planning on hatching out some chicks that are out of a white Ameraucana and two wheaten Ameraucanas, they are being covered by a buff Orpington rooster. What would eggs look like and has anyone tried this combo and have pictures of grow outs? Thanks in advance!
  18. K

    ISA Brown x Ameraucana Cross Green Egg

    Over the summer some of our ISA Brown hens went broody unexpectedly. We have a pure-bred Ameraucana rooster with them so we decided to let the ladies try to hatch some chicks. We had 2 eggs successfully hatch, but sadly only one chick made it to adulthood. She just laid her first egg and it came...
  19. Blue.jpg


    Blue Wheaten Ameraucana
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