1. JosieMae

    Hen can’t walk

    Hi all, well, this has been a difficult season for my chickens! I lost one earlier this year to a mysterious sickness, I just lost another to complications from sour crop, and now I have an Amerucana who can’t walk...I have two healthy hens outside in the coop right now (but they’re both...
  2. L

    Supposed to be sexed Amerucana!

    I think we got scammed from the feed store! Lol. Anyway, both are supposed to be female pullets almost 3 weeks old. And I don’t know much, granted. But Americana’s in the US are not supposed to have butts ? And I can’t find any with these colors! What are the sex and breed? Help!
  3. Meggi3mous3

    Need helping determining my chicks breed(s)

    I'm new to this whole raising chickens thing. Would love some help! Any and all is appreciated. And 1st question is: can someone help me with what chicken breeds I have. This is Coco. TSC said she/he is an Amerucana. This is Fluffy. I was told she was also an Amerucana. This is Bella. TSC...
  4. BestDiscoMan13

    My friendly loving smart broody Rooster

    I’m positive he’s a maran easter egger he loves to sit in my lap and he is very docile and friendly and sweet he’s a little bit shy sometimes he’s very pretty and colorful. I recently read more about the maran side and noticed that their very rare and that he fits the description of the French...
  5. BestDiscoMan13

    Easter Eggers

    Please send me pictures of your easter Eggers and tell me where you bought them.
  6. S

    Hen bullying

    Hello everyone! I have a Amerucana hen picking on the others, a small silkie for the most part. It all started when she started crowing one day. Everytime she crows she becomes evil and pecks the other girls. The weirdest thing is though that we have a rooster (a different silkie) who crows as...
  7. Sacri

    I thought I got Amerucanas....are these Easter eggers???

    Hey! Thanks for helping.....I purchased 7 Rhode Island Reds and 7 Amerucanas (???) some of what I am reading is making me wonder though.....They all have the grayish/blue feet and legs, but some have cheek puffs and I thought Amerucanas didn't have those....They are what they are and I'll love...
  8. MysticUniKitty

    White Easter Eggers month old chicks; North Central Texas

    I'm looking to sell my white amerucanas, I'm leaning more towards some other breeds. Trying to make sure they go good homes (don't care if for table or eggs, just treat them right sorta thing) They're a month old, not sure if any might be roos, i haven't heard any crows so far. Asking $35 for...
  9. Stephmalo

    2 4mo blue amerucana cockerels, SE Mass.

    I have two gorgeous blue amerucana cockerels in need of rehoming as my small flock ended up with three! Non aggressive and nice birds. Located in South coast Massachusetts
  10. Ashleymichellew

    Silver lace Wyandotte, and amerucana genders

    Hi everyone! I am new to this page , but I was really hoping I could get some help on if I have 2 cockerels in this group of birds I bought. I bought them from Big R at the end of feb. They are all the same age. I was told all hens. But I have 2 that are fighting every single day. Pulling the...
  11. Mamasea

    Transferring Chicks to Coop

    Hi everyone! Newbie chicken person here. I have exhaustively researched caring for chicks. I have the brooder box ready. I’ve ensured there is enough room, adequate heat based on age of chicks and I plan on moving them to the coop around 6 weeks of age based on the reccomendations I’ve read...
  12. ArtCaptain

    Metronidazole for people VS Fishzole(Metronidazole)?

    Recently my chickens have gotten canker and I was wondering if I could use Metronidazole 500mg that my mother's doctor prescribed to her last year (it expires this year in october). However, is there a difference between giving a chicken Metronidazole for humans and Metronidazole for...
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