1. Fluffy_Feathers

    Has anyone had any success with antibiotics for bumblefoot?

    Hey everyone. So, I dont often hear about antibiotics given to a chicken to treat bumblefoot. I saw a few threads here about it but none seemed to end in a resolution about whether it worked or not. I think I've seen one or two people in other threads say they tried it but it didn't work too...
  2. Wordstoyourface

    Injectable super b complex dose

    Hi,I am having some issues with my babys. 2 pics added of the brahma siblings, 5 weeks old,the small one died not 10 minutes ago,this is the size diff and lack of growth i am talking about,yes I washed my hands before handling the live one. I have lost far too many chicks in the past 2...
  3. ChickenAdvocate

    Please Advise: Pencillin and Corid Safe Together?

    If a hen is being treated with pencillin, would a treatment of oral corid not be safe to administer at the same time?
  4. ChickenAdvocate

    Baytril 2.5% or 10% for Treating a Recurring Swollen Bumblefoot??

    I have heard many different opinions on whether to use or not use Baytril 2.5% or Baytril 10% to help cure a recurring and swollen bumblefoot. Question 1: Is Baytril SAFE for hens and, after a 2 week egg dumping/withdrawal period, can I eat the eggs from my treated hens? Question 2: If I...
  5. Aschuchert

    Bumblefoot - infection

    Hi, we have an old hen that's had a reoccurring bumblefoot infection. She's got it again, treating fot 3 weeks now and this time the silver sulphdiazine is not treating the infection. My question is can injectible penicillin treat this type of infection with results? She doesn't lay often any...
  6. N

    2 yo Buff Orpington suspected of egg yolk Peritonitis

    Last Thursday evening we noticed one of our 2 year old Buff Orpingtons wasn't acting herself and not eating much, only drinking. The day before was foraging and eating/acting fine. Also based on the egg tracking numbers, had laid a confirmed egg a couple days prior. She had some energy as was...
  7. B

    How to Dose Oxytetracycline

    Hi there! I am looking for advice on how to administer injectable oxytetracycline. I am willing to inject, but oral administration is preferable since I’m having difficulty finding needles and syringes. So, I have two main questions: 1) Is one method more effective than the other? (Injecting vs...
  8. Kris5902

    Severe Bumblefoot in Meat Rooster, Antibiotic advice?

    I have a very large meat Rooster who is a wonderful boy. With severe bumblefoot on both his feet. I’ve removed the bumble and cleaned one foot, but the infection and swelling just isn’t responding to topical treatment. I’m using a triple antibiotic, changing the dressing and flushing the area...
  9. bokbokbacab

    Several questions. Doxycycline treatment length? Also Baytril??

    I have two pullets going through a respiratory infection that a vet thought is probably mycoplasma. He prescribed doxycycline in all my chickens' water. I'm a little confused though because the bottle label says give it to them for 15-20 days but he definitely didn't give me enough to last that...
  10. growurfood

    Treatment for swollen head due to injury and E. coli infection

    Hi, I have a chicken with a head injury from another chicken pecking it. This morning she has a very swollen head, the wound is infected, most likely from E. coli introduced in the cut. I’m thinking about giving antibiotics immediately. Sulfa? It needs to be something I can dissolve in water...
  11. A

    Poisoned chicken now has eye infection.

    Ok so one of my sweet chicken got into a toxic substance and I've been giving her nuetradrentch and she's starting to get better but now has puss coming out of her eye. I have antibiotic Terramycin 250mg pills. Can I give it to her and whats the dose? TIA
  12. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    My Experience Fighting Egg Yolk Peritonitis

    2 weeks ago, my favorite hen--a tiny 17-month old EE named "Easter" (creative, I know)--was diagnosed with EYP. She didn't have the classic presentation: swollen belly, fluffed up behavior, weight loss, etc., but was diagnosed via x-ray. Initially, I brought her to the vet because a soft-shell...
  13. H

    Worms and Respiratory Disease

    Hello all, My vet gave me tri/sulfa (40mg/mL) to treat an upper respiratory infection for my flock. Bacteria were identified as Enterobacter and Galibacterium. I have been treating everyone for 4 days now after one of the healthy ones started to show symptoms after I had quarantined the...
  14. imneva

    Help sick chicken

    I am 99.9% Clostridium perfringens. Is what my Harriet is suffering from.I know she needs antibiotics. No vets here treat chickens. I have fish pen. Penicillin. she is a cream leg bar 1.5 years old how do I go about administering It to her? It is in pill form. I have divided kflex before to give...
  15. Antibiotics in Meat

    Antibiotics in Meat

    *This applies to the US only. It is intended only for informational purposes* “Is this organic, non-antibiotic treated meat?” So many people today are falling under the trap of believing that meat treated with antibiotics is unhealthy and unsafe. This is not the case. Today I will be...
  16. J

    Do antibiotics transfer from rooster to fertilized eggs?

    Do I need to discard the eggs if my rooster (who got antibiotics) mates with my hens? ( hens did not get antibiotics)
  17. Michael A

    Please help. What I am doing is not working.

    My 14 month old hen Sonara had a bad mite infection, I got that cleared up about a week ago. but then she stopped eating and drinking. I see no signs of worms. Mites are gone. Breathing seems OK. Initially, I suspected she was anemic. I started her on tylosin, tube feeding (2-3's x a day...
  18. Thebantyhenhomestead

    Help sick young rooster! Antibiotics arnt helping!

    Hello! I have a 4-5ish month old small rooster that started sneezing and sounding gurgly, so I have been giving one 250mg Fish Mox in water (large cup amount) everyday for 4 days now and I haven’t noticed any improvements. I’ve also applied vet rx. He has very soft stool with a lot of liquid...
  19. Maryam.

    Antibiotics consult

    Hi, I hope you’re all fine! As you might know I have a 3year old female pekin called Cookie that has been having laying issue since a few months ago. She has an unknown reproductive issue that started suddenly and cannot lay normally, her egg is shell-less and has crazy shapes. She also passes a...
  20. C

    Anyone do a skin biopsy on their duck?

    I'm curious about whether anyone has ever had a skin biopsy done on their duck. I am trying to figure out next steps for my Pekin duck Penny who has some sort of bacterial skin infection. She's been to see an avian vet twice now. She's tried 5 different antibiotics, injectable meds for...
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