araucana standard

  1. Lynne Wernli

    Araucana Question

    I have two question, one is whether this Araucana is a hen or cockerel? And two, one of the tuffs kind of flops around when Bird is in motion while the other one is more stationary, is this normal? Will the floppy one ever stop being loose? Thanks!
  2. smoothmule

    Wanted: White Araucana rooster

    White Araucana rooster wanted. Yellow legged, no brassiness. Breeding age or at least breeding by spring. Large fowl only please
  3. simonerol

    Rare breed hatching eggs and chicks

    I usually have eggs or chicks of these following rare breeds. Araucana standard, 4 tufted hens and 3 clean faced to clean faced rooster. eggs 12 for $25, chicks $10-15 for tufted. Silver laced bantam Barnevelder hatching eggs 10+ $36 shipped, chicks $15 each Blue double laced large fowl...
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