1. willchickeneat

    ISO Black or White Rumpless ST or DT Araucana Hen in California

    Location: Central Valley near Fresno or Modesto Area. Looking for a few black or white Araucana point of lay pullet/hens. Not looking for Ameraucanas (muff and beard) or hatchery stock Easter Eggers from feedstore labeled as Americana, Ameracana, Ameraucina, etc. Must be fully rumpless and...
  2. Cloverr39

    Tailless breeds?

    I want to start a new project next year where I would try to get the brahma or cochin look/body type, but with the tailless gene. Right now I have a brahma, cochin and silkie/brahma mix (all bantams) in with my silkies and if I get to expand my chicken area I might be able to separate my...
  3. DanaBrown80

    3 x 4.5 week old orps and 1 x 3.5 week old Araucana - pullets or cockerels?

    Hi all, I’m driving myself crazy trying to guess the sex of my chicks! I have 3 x 4.5 week old orpingtons and 1 x 3.5 week old Araucana. Can you tell if they are pullets or cockerels?
  4. S

    Araucana chicks, pullets or cockerels?

    Two Araucana chicks, 8 w/o, what do you think? 😇
  5. Chaunchie

    Rumpless Araucana/Welsummer Cross

    Howdy, all! Has anyone here crossed a Rumpless Araucana roo with a Welsummer hen? I am the very proud owner of Rumpless Araucana SR chicks and Welsummer pullets. I will be keeping one of the Rumpless Roosters so I can have blue eggers and olive egger chicks down the road. I would love to...
  6. M

    Martha needs a home! Any eastern Mass (Millis, MA area) chicken owners who can accept another chicken to their flock?

    Hi all, About 10 years ago, I raised 3 chicks for my mom. Yesterday, that flock is now down to just one chicken, and my mom is ready to move on from chicken ownership at this stage of her life. Is there anyone with a flock in Massachusetts who would like to take Martha, a 7-year-old black...
  7. M

    Help with identifying breed and sex of Easter Eggers and other crosses

    I have a few Easter Eggers and other cross breed pullets or cockerels that I need help with identifying their sex. And also help identifying which crosses they are if possible My hens are Araucanas (red, lavender, white), Cream Legbars, Black Australorps, black Olive Egger and Black Copper...
  8. Khoisun

    Boschvelder x Auracana (African Easer Egger?)

    Hi All! So last week, a chicken farmer I am acquainted with had to move to another property & had to sell off a lot of his chickens. I ended up purchasing a breeding pair of Boschvelder x Araucana. The father is a Boschvelder Rooster & the mother is a pure Araucana Hen. The Araucana is not...
  9. K

    No chickens right now

    Hi, I am new to this group. I don't have any chickens right now as I live in the city, but my mother has a farm and she and I talk chickens a lot. I used to have Bantams along with Bard Rocs (not sure if the spelling is correct on that), but the Bantams had the most beautiful fearhers. I got...
  10. F

    Free Araucana Roosters (Southern California)

    Hi, I am looking for new homes for a few extra Araucana roosters I have. I will not ship them so someone would need to be local to the Southern California area. I am in the North Tustin area. The roosters are all from Edd Sheppard's strain. I have one of his black hybrid Roman strain...
  11. M

    Araucana Hens or Roos??

    Hello All, Just wondering whether anyone can confirm whether these gems are hens or roos? Approx 16 week old araucana. Thanks
  12. Wilkinsbird

    Araucana cockerel in 12180

    He’s just starting to crow, a lovely little guy. He’ll let you pick him up if you’re slow and quiet. Very friendly with the other chickens. Located in Troy NY 12180
  13. Oldhallchicks

    Fertile or not?

    Candling blue eggs and I can’t see a thing inside! it’s day 7, and there’s no clear veins or embryos, but can’t see much of anything. here is one that is clearly infertile and here is what most of the others look like... Any thoughts from those of you experienced with blue eggs? 🤷‍♀️ 🤔
  14. RoseMcAfre

    Mild Spraddle/Splayed Leg Help Please

    Hello all, I’m a first time chick keeper here and had my first two eggs hatch out on Friday 5th. A Lavender Pekin and a Lavender Araucana. They seem to be eating and drinking ok, but the Araucana (15hrs younger still seems a bit wobblier and has a wider stance than its Pekin sister. I’m...
  15. ChickenPerson999999

    Looking for an Araucana Hen

    I’m looking for a Araucana hen I live in south jersey. I love Easter eggers I have Easter egger hens and a rooster. I love the personalities, I also love arucaunas but can’t find any hatcheries selling them I like the fact that they lay blue eggs have friendly personalities and have an adorable...
  16. Nats Chickens

    runny nose and lethargy!

    My thirteen week old araucana pullet is pretty lethargic. her symptoms are: Runny nose on her left side lethargy Harsh cheep gasping for breath occasionally there was a wormy or bloody or intestine liner poo, and it was either hers or her brothers She is my only pullet. I have her and one...
  17. Lynne Wernli

    Araucana rooster needs new home

    I was accidentally sent a rooster who was supposed to be a she. I was going to keep him but he is systematically ripping all of the feathers of my girls and making them bleed once the feathers are gone so he has to go. I bought chicken saddles but he still rips feathers off their head and neck...
  18. hypnozze

    Lavender Araucanas - 3 weeks - UK type - Chick sexing

    Hello! I have 2 Lavender Araucana chicks. They are 3 weeks at the moment and I was wondering if it was possible to tell which is which (hopefully not two roosters). One has a more pronounced comb and its redder than the other's. P.S. I added a photo from the internet of how the grown-ups should...
  19. Kluggie


    Hi this hen was sold to me as a pure bred araucana blue egg layer. I don't know much about chicken breeds, but from my research araucanas shouldn't have tail feathers and should have neck tufts and yellow feet. This lady certainly has some serious tail feathers and has slate feet and also has a...
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