1. K

    No chickens right now

    Hi, I am new to this group. I don't have any chickens right now as I live in the city, but my mother has a farm and she and I talk chickens a lot. I used to have Bantams along with Bard Rocs (not sure if the spelling is correct on that), but the Bantams had the most beautiful fearhers. I got...
  2. F

    Free Araucana Roosters (Southern California)

    Hi, I am looking for new homes for a few extra Araucana roosters I have. I will not ship them so someone would need to be local to the Southern California area. I am in the North Tustin area. The roosters are all from Edd Sheppard's strain. I have one of his black hybrid Roman strain...
  3. M

    Araucana Hens or Roos??

    Hello All, Just wondering whether anyone can confirm whether these gems are hens or roos? Approx 16 week old araucana. Thanks
  4. Wilkinsbird

    Araucana cockerel in 12180

    He’s just starting to crow, a lovely little guy. He’ll let you pick him up if you’re slow and quiet. Very friendly with the other chickens. Located in Troy NY 12180
  5. Oldhallchicks

    Fertile or not?

    Candling blue eggs and I can’t see a thing inside! it’s day 7, and there’s no clear veins or embryos, but can’t see much of anything. here is one that is clearly infertile and here is what most of the others look like... Any thoughts from those of you experienced with blue eggs? 🤷‍♀️ 🤔
  6. RoseMcAfre

    Mild Spraddle/Splayed Leg Help Please

    Hello all, I’m a first time chick keeper here and had my first two eggs hatch out on Friday 5th. A Lavender Pekin and a Lavender Araucana. They seem to be eating and drinking ok, but the Araucana (15hrs younger still seems a bit wobblier and has a wider stance than its Pekin sister. I’m...
  7. BestDiscoMan13

    Looking for an Araucana Hen

    I’m looking for a Araucana hen I live in south jersey. I love Easter eggers I have Easter egger hens and a rooster. I love the personalities, I also love arucaunas but can’t find any hatcheries selling them I like the fact that they lay blue eggs have friendly personalities and have an adorable...
  8. Nats Chickens

    runny nose and lethargy!

    My thirteen week old araucana pullet is pretty lethargic. her symptoms are: Runny nose on her left side lethargy Harsh cheep gasping for breath occasionally there was a wormy or bloody or intestine liner poo, and it was either hers or her brothers She is my only pullet. I have her and one...
  9. Lynne Wernli

    Araucana rooster needs new home

    I was accidentally sent a rooster who was supposed to be a she. I was going to keep him but he is systematically ripping all of the feathers of my girls and making them bleed once the feathers are gone so he has to go. I bought chicken saddles but he still rips feathers off their head and neck...
  10. hypnozze

    Lavender Araucanas - 3 weeks - UK type - Chick sexing

    Hello! I have 2 Lavender Araucana chicks. They are 3 weeks at the moment and I was wondering if it was possible to tell which is which (hopefully not two roosters). One has a more pronounced comb and its redder than the other's. P.S. I added a photo from the internet of how the grown-ups should...
  11. Kluggie


    Hi this hen was sold to me as a pure bred araucana blue egg layer. I don't know much about chicken breeds, but from my research araucanas shouldn't have tail feathers and should have neck tufts and yellow feet. This lady certainly has some serious tail feathers and has slate feet and also has a...
  12. F

    Curly tail feathers Rhode island red and araucana 20 weeks

    I was sure the RIR was a pullet bbu now has these two curly tail feathers also now unsure of the lavender araucana (Australian version) .. please let me know your guesses. They are 20 weeks now.
  13. Freidabrest

    Hello I’m Freida!

    Hello I’m Freida I’ve had my own backyard chickens for the last two years, however I’ve looked after and cared for chickens since I was about 9 (I’m 18). Currently I have 6 hens, 2 chicks (female) and 2 cockerels that live at my grandad’s house (as we have a semi detached house) My oldest...
  14. Frazzemrat1

    Incubating Napoleon's Babies

    I'm starting this thread to document my first time incubating eggs. These eggs, if fertile, would be fathered by my rooster, Napoleon. He was stolen from us a week ago, by a human, and I’ve been collecting eggs since. Napoleon was a tufted white Araucana, a beautiful boy who was great with my...
  15. Sagey_7878

    Araucana hen has a big problem with eggs and I feel like she may die soon if I can’t do anything!

    Hello Everybody! My name is Sage and I am from Australia (please forgive me if I make spelling errors it is 11PM at night) My Araucana hen who is about 3-5 years old has been recently laying eggs with a brittle shell, even though grit is available. Since about 7PM this evening, she has been in...
  16. Nats Chickens

    Araucana Chicken show- ends 24/02/19

    This is a show for purebred Araucanas only. I love Araucanas, and I am looking forward to judging this comp. I hope people will have fun in this competition! there is no prize, but who cares? Up to 2 entrys per person, and a little info on the bird would be wonderful too. Have fun! Rules: 2...
  17. T

    araucana & silver gene

    a) Which colors of the rumbless araucana breed carry the silver gene? b) Which colors of the crested araucana (english) carry the silver gene?
  18. C

    What Sex are my chicks?

    Hi there, I’m new here. My kids and I have hatched out some chicks and they are now almost 6 weeks old. I’m hoping someone can help us with sexing our chicks. We love them all but will are not allowed roosters where we are. The parents are a combination of Araucana, Silkie and Frizzle. We are...
  19. KatefromOz

    Is this normal? Day old Aracuana

    Hello all. I picked up a day old Aracuana yesterday...I noticed when we got home she had a little 'string' hanging out of her backside. I have attached a photo. I tried to give it a little pull but nothing happened. I didn't want to pull too hard and hurt her (hopefully her). Is it some yolk...
  20. Laurmullen87

    My first poorly Hen

    Please Help, I am having a hard time trying to help my poorly hen. She is an Araucana And about 2 years old but I have only had her for 3 months. When I got her, all the feathers were missing from her back (her previous owner told me she was picked on by one of his roosters) but she was full of...
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