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  1. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Using Old Log In Run - Safety?

    Hi all, This is a strange and random and probably stupid question. I found a really cool log in the woods by my house. It naturally as legs that act like "stands" and prop it up, making it a sort of low-level roosting bar. My chickens love lounging on things like this. I'd like to use it in...
  2. graypes

    Help! New Duck Parent FREAKING OUT 2wk Duckling Breathing

    TLDR; My 2wk duck has a stuffy nose and is prematurely (I think) honking, is he gonna die/what do I do?!?!?!?! Hi All! This is my first time raising ducklings and I am just a little worried I may have done something wrong or maybe have a sick duck on my hands. I have 2 Runner Ducklings that I...
  3. kitchenwdinah

    Respiratory Infection (Duck)

    Our duck Boston has been having respiratory issues since November. In November she developed a high pitched cough. It was rare so we thought nothing of it. In January she was open mouth breathing. We took her to ER, she was treated with antibiotics, antifungals, and dewormer. She got so bad she...
  4. Saaniya

    Pls Help

    Hello Everyone, I'm in trouble from yesterday .. One of my 7 month old rooster were playing in sand ..packing happily suddenly he started starching neck up opening mouth wide like he wants to vomit , squiggle head .. 7-8 times or more (I don't know this action) they usually squiggle their...
  5. Duck Hill

    Swollen bill, fever

    My duck has a swollen bill between the nostrils and the top of the bill, more on one side than the other but on both sides. She is beginning to find it hard to breathe through her bill. Her cheeks move in and out with each breath. (If I force her mouth open, she breathes perfectly easily...
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