attacked by dog

  1. A

    Hen attacked by dog

    My hen was attached last week by my dog. She had several holes in her neck when I rescued her abs one eye that wouldn’t open. She seems to be doing ok and is opening her eye now. She’s walking, eating and drinking, but I noticed her comb is much lighter than normal. She hasn’t laid but once...
  2. A

    Help my neighbors dog attacked my chicken!!!

    Help! I pulled in my driveway and saw my neighbors dog (who has attacked/killed 2 of my chickens previously) in my yard! I jumped out of the car and got the dog away and I found my turkey laying on the ground barely breathing. I got him up and he’s breathing really fast. He has an open wound on...
  3. J

    Hen lost a lot of feathers during attack

    Hello, one of my hens has just been attacked by a small dog, she is missing a lot of feathers, some on her back and many of her wing feathers. But besides that she has no other injuries, no bleeding or broken bones, just missing feathers. What should I do to help her? Will she grow her feathers...
  4. C

    Desperate please help!

    My dogs attacked my poor chicken Henrietta. I know this only happened because she is so friendly/trusting and doesn't run as fast as the other chickens. This is the sweetest chicken there is. She follows me around and stands on my shoulder and arms all the time. I really like her. It's the...
  5. CaliFarmsAR

    Chicken attacked by dogs

    A friend of my moms had some dogs get in her chicken pin. And so we need help with this chicken. She does smell bad.The chicken is a year old so will that give her a better chance? Any help will be appreciated.
  6. LucyCorbett

    Hen attacked!

    Hi, So yesterday one of my hens was attacked by a neighbours border collie, luckily someone in my family noticed before it did too much damage. It managed to get in somewhere, but I have no clue where, so I’m keeping both of my hens inside my conservatory at the moment. She has one little wound...
  7. P

    Help to IDENTIFY what is the PROBLEM with the ROOSTER

    Please help! our rooster is injured but i cannot understand if its his leg or wing. He is just laying in one spot because our dog broke in to the coop. I attached the video. Can we heal him without taking him to the vet? Or should we end his pain? Any tips highly appreciated! First time chicken...
  8. Chippychick123

    Dog Attack; Glue Coming Off?

    Recently my 7 months old hen was attacked by a dog and we took her to the vet and they patched her open wounds with surgical glue but as I've checked up on the wound the glue seems to have come off and the wound is open again is this a big concern or should I continue to treat her with...
  9. Worried-Mama

    Injured Chick, bite by dog.

    Hi, I am so new to this, I do not even technical own chickens I am just caring for an injured one and her buddy. Roxie is a few weeks old ((I think)) and she/he ((too young to tell yet I am told)) was grabbed by my Dad's dog Cera ((Who was raised around chickens and protects them all very well...
  10. Laurmullen87

    Loss of the family

    I am fairly new to keeping a small flock of 3 silkie hens and 3 khaki Campbell ducks. This week we have had 2 horrible attacks which has resulted in the awful loss of 1 hen and 2 ducks. All three ducks were raised by myself since they were 3 weeks old and the last remaining one was sitting...
  11. Wilmer Gehman

    chicken attacked by dog...any suggestions (not an emergency)

    A german shepherd jumped a fence down the road from us and apparently came after the chickens. I was not aware at all that anything had happened till the dog was stalking the run. It attacked one of our hens, and with mouth or claws ripped a pretty deep gash in her back about 2 inches long and...
  12. Elowynn

    dislocated jaw?

    Hello I have a 5 week old wyandotte who might have a dislocated beak. I was holding her and my neighbors puppy got out and put her entire head in her mouth. There are no cuts no bleeding but she is shaken up and now her beak is off set, hanging open and she won' eat or drink. Does anyone have...
  13. G

    DOG ATTACKED 9 week old chicks HELP

    Hi everyone. I recently put my 2, 9 week old Orpington pullets outside into our new coop and while I was gone for a short 20 minutes my brothers stupid dog broke through the wire and attacked the two, I found them both very shocked and barely alive. One has her right wing dropped, can stand up...
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