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    Are these Delawares?

    I'm thinking they are both cockerels Got them from Atwoods and they are 5 weeks old
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    Unique Rooster

    Anyone have any guesses on what breed this guy is? I've never seen any that look like him He came from Atwoods His feathers aren't soft at all like the other rooster and hens and he's kind of scraggly. He's about 5 months old
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    Tail-less Chick?

    This little chick is about 5 weeks old and is the only one that doesn't have a tail. It has dark legs and is a black/brown color From Atwoods. Any guesses on the breed of this chick?
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    Thought they were RIR, now I'm not sure

    I thought Big Red and Penny were RIRs but they have white on their backs and face and black in their tail feathers. Sid is darker and a richer, solid red color. Could they still be RIRs or are they something else? Big Red and Penny are around 11 weeks old Sid is around 9 weeks old Got them all...
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